Huge: The FBI Knew That Michael Flynn Was Innocent. Here’s Proof.

(Tea Party 247) – You may not know it from following the hysterical, virtue-signaling liberal media, but the full extent of Obamagate is coming to light.

Among the many explosive revelations that have been made over the last few months was the long-overdue exoneration of General Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to President Donald Trump and one of the first casualties of the bogus Trump-Russia investigation.

It has now been revealed that months before Flynn was charged with lying to agents, the FBI told the Justice Department that the decorated general was “very open and forthcoming” when interviewed by agents and that they believed he was telling the truth about his communication with Russia, according to government notes that have been withheld this whole time but pose a sharp contrast to the criminal case that would come out of the Mueller probe.

FBI agents told senior DOJ officials at a January 25, 2017 meeting that Flynn was “telling truth as he believed it” and that he “believe[d] that what he said was true,” according to handwritten notes from then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tashina Gauhar turned over to Flynn’s legal team this month.

The agents felt that Flynn was “being forthright” in the interview and simply failed to remember all the details of his calls with the Russian ambassador during the transition period between the Obama and Trump presidencies, according to Gauhar’s notes.

In a separate DOJ memo described Flynn as “very open and forthcoming” during the interview.

You can read the notes here.

Just the News explains:

Copies of the notes from Gauhar, former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who led the Russia collusion case, and former DOJ and FBI official Dana Boente were made public in a court filing over the weekend, adding to a large body of belatedly released evidence that suggested the FBI did not believe it had grounds to charge Flynn with a crime as news media were reporting at the time.

In fact, Boente stated in handwritten notes dated in March 2017 that the FBI had concluded Flynn wasn’t an agent of Russia. “Do not view as source of collusion,” Boente wrote.

Likewise, the notes show DOJ did not believe it could prosecute Flynn under the Logan Act, lone of the laws that was leaked as a possible Flynn liability in the media. “No reasonable pros to Logan Act,” one of the entry in the notes declared.

The notes also confirm previously released evidence showing the FBI planned on Jan. 4, 2017 to close down its investigation of Flynn but then reversed course.

Amazingly, the FBI tried to tell the DOJ that the reason they’d kept the Flynn probe open and interviewed him was due to a media leak of a classified transcript of his call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

These “leaks” about the call being intercepted brought the “investigation in the open” and “changed the dynamic,” the notes quote FBI officials as saying.

Just the News adds:

Months after the conversations recorded in the notes, Mueller’s team struck a plea deal that required Flynn to plead guilty to lying in the interview.

Both Flynn’s lawyers and the DOJ have asked the judge to negate his guilty plea and drop the charges based on the new evidence of innocence that was recently made public.

In a filing making the new notes public, Flynn attorney Sidney Powell said the new evidence provide “even more reasons requiring dismissal of the case.”