If You Think You’re Safe In Your Neighborhood From The Riots… Read This And Think Again…

(Tea Party 247) – The rabid leftist outrage mob was let down yet again after the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm announced Wednesday that Wauwatosa police officer Joseph Mensah will not be charged with the shooting death of Alvin Cole, 17, that happened outside the Mayfair Mall back in February. Radical leftist agitators took this as their green light to do loot and riot through the night this time taking the violence and unrest to residential neighborhoods.

Earlier in the week, Wauwatosa authorities took necessary measures to try to curb the violence they were predicting by calling a curfew from 7 pm to 6 am, shutting down City Hall until Monday, prohibiting hardware stores from selling anything that could be used to burn or loot property, and shutting down most businesses while the National Guard was put on standby.

The police responded quickly to turn in the night after a peaceful protest turned into the typical riot but rioters just kept moving around the city even spreading out into the suburbs putting unsuspecting residents at risk.

Here’s what local Fox 6 reported:

Hundreds of people marched on Wednesday night, Oct. 7 after Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm earlier Wednesday announced suspended Officer Joseph Mensah will not face charges in the February fatal shooting of Alvin Cole, 17, outside Mayfair Mall.

What started as peaceful protests throughout the day ended with chaos — leaving several businesses damaged.

Wauwatosa police laid out the events of the night and morning in a statement Thursday afternoon.

According to police, at 7:38 p.m., a group of approximately 150 to 200 people entered the Wauwatosa at 60th Street and North Avenue.

They proceeded westbound on North Avenue to 76th Street and stopped at Wauwatosa City Hall, where police and National Guard members were present.

Police said around 8:40 p.m., projectiles, including glass bottles, large rocks and bricks, were thrown at law enforcement.

Wauwatosa police then declared an unlawful assembly, announced this to the crowd multiple times and directed them to disperse. Police said the group did not follow this lawful directive and the law enforcement agencies deployed tear gas to disperse the unlawful assembly.

At around 9 p.m., the group then proceeded westbound on North Avenue to the area of 92nd Street, where police said members of the group broke the windows of several residences and businesses.

People in the crowd again began threw projectiles at law enforcement personnel, police said. After continued non-compliance and refusal to disperse, paintballs and pepper balls were deployed into the crowd “in self-defense.”

The group then headed north on 92nd Street into Milwaukee, where police said the group began looting the Speedway gas station at 92 Street and Burleigh Street before forcing their way into a construction site on the Mount Mary Campus. The group then made their way into both Milwaukee and Wauwatosa neighborhoods.

The radical left believes they are entitled to be judge, jury and executioner when the justice system fails to produce the results they are demanding. In their opinion, anytime a person is shot and killed by the police that automatically makes the police guilty of murder and anything short of that will result in the mob descending on that community with haste to show just how they feel about it.

Now, residents of cities around the country need to be on guard. You never know when the angry mob could come knocking on your door … or hurling a brick through your window.