Insane: How These Hasidic Jewish Kids Tried To Prevent Cops From Bothering Them Will Break Your Heart

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re like most common-sense Americans, you’re probably a bit outraged at the fact that we’ve all spent the last few months cowering indoors only to find that all along, all it took to free us from coronavirus shutdown hell was a well-timed outrage mob.

Too bad plenty of people who don’t want to march, loot, or riot still would like to have gatherings.

According to Newswars, a group of Hasidic Jewish children in New York reportedly hung up a “Justice for George Floyd” sign to prevent police from breaking up their gathering.

This would certainly do the trick, considering New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has let protesters and rioters run wild in the street despite trying to keep his own citizens under lock and key for the better part of the last three months.

Even if the NYPD had broken up the crowd of Hasidic children, they could easily make the very strong legal case that lockdown measures were being unfairly enforced against religious groups, particularly their own, while far-left activists have been given free rein.

Last month, de Blasio stunningly singled out the Orthodox Jewish community, threatening them with mass arrests should they attempt to attend a funeral again after services to honor a deceased rabbi grew a large crowd of mourners.