Instagram Bans These Types Of Pro-Trump Accounts… But Guess Who They Still Allow To Share Content?

(Tea Party 247) – Whether or not you ascribe to the QAnon movement, it’s hard to deny that the left is terrified of it.

Left-wing mainstream media outlets have been clamoring to denounce and slander the adherents to the “Q” movement as terrorists, but when it comes to social media censorship, Q followers are apparently even worse than ISIS.

Guess which movement has led to the death of more people?

Pft. Yeah…not even close.

Facebook-owned Instagram has banned all QAnon accounts as Zuck has done the same over on the big site.

ISIS-linked accounts that celebrate the horrific September 11 terror attacks, meanwhile, appear to be unscathed.

The reason? Well, they explain, “people may express themselves differently.”

They just can’t if they support Q, apparently.

Summit News reports that Facebook announced this week that it was going further than their August efforts to remove QAnon accounts that contained “discussions of potential violence.”

“We’ve seen other QAnon content tied to different forms of real world harm, including recent claims that the west coast wildfires were started by certain groups, which diverted attention of local officials from fighting the fires,” Facebook said.

The tech giant specified that it would “remove any Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, even if they contain no violent content.”

As you may have guessed, Antifa accounts aren’t being subject to the same scrutiny, despite being outwardly involved in far more coordinated violence than any Q followers ever have been.

Meanwhile, accounts that celebrate the 9/11 terror attacks in which nearly 3,000 Americans were killed remain untouched.

The Sun reports that one of these accounts posted a photo of the World Trade Center being hit with the airplane and is captioned, “One of the most beautiful scenes.”

Another account posted a clip of an execution. This account is reportedly followed by “20 other pro-IS accounts with more than 7,700 followers.”

Summit News notes:

However, even after The Center for Countering Digital Hate reported the accounts to Instagram, the social media network refused to remove them, saying no breach of guidelines had occurred.

Partially defending the content, Instagram explained that as “a global community we understand people may express themselves differently.”

“It is unbelievably irresponsible, but sadly unsurprising,” said CCDH chief exec Imran Ahmed.

So mere discussion of QAnon is completely banned, but actual glorification of terror attacks against the United States are just part of free speech, according to Instagram.