Iran, Hamas, And Islamic Jihad Are Not At All Pleased About Israel-UAE Deal; Here’s What They Are Calling For In Response

(Tea Party 247) – Whenever President Trump helps to create some sort of historic agreement between countries and areas of the world that don’t typically agree with each other or who have a violent history with one another, there are always going to be folks who dislike the new direction of peace and want to restore the old ways of war.

Folks like Iran, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas for example.

These three are not very happy about the peace deal brokered between the United Aram Emirates and the nation of Israel. In fact, they are so displeased they are calling for an uprising in response. Islamists really have a hateful attitude toward Jewish folk, don’t they? It’s a blind religious hatred that is representative of the Islamic view toward those who are different than they are.

Some would call it bigotry, but not the left.

Here’s more from The Jerusalem Post:

The Middle East needs an uprising similar to the Islamic Revolution in Iran that will unite the “resistance” of the Islamic community against a “culture of defeat” that has affected Arab regimes, Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s representative to Iran recently said.

Mehr News in Iran reported the discussion with Naser Abu Sharif of PIJ, which is backed by Tehran. Hamas representative Khalid al-Qaddumi was also present, the report said.

The Mehr News discussion attacked the “betrayal of the UAE in the signing of the agreement to normalize relations with the Zionist enemy.” Qaddumi said the agreement has crossed a redline and Israel is now more secure than in the past.The extremists asserted that Israel was like a criminal running free without anyone to put it on trial. He pointed out that when Egypt had signed a peace deal with Israel, the Arab League had suspended Egypt and moved its headquarters temporarily from Cairo. Egypt was readmitted to the Arab League in 1989.

Hamas is outraged, the representative told Iran.“Nations and our educated class have a great responsibility in questioning friendly countries for normalizing relations.” He said the “Zionist regime is an enemy and will remain an enemy. The destiny of the [Zionist] regime is destruction and decay, and whoever has a relationship with it will be transferred to the dustbin of history.”

This is why there’s not been any real, lasting peace in the Middle East. It has nothing to do with imperialism or colonialism which is what the left accuses Israel of all the time. It has to do with the radical beliefs inherent in Islam, which clearly teach that infidels are to be forced to convert or taxed into submission. Then, of course, there’s torture and death.

How do you broker peace when one of the folks at the negotiating table thinks the other has no right to exist? Sort of makes talks hard, yeah?

The PIJ representative connected the current state of affairs in the Arab world to the era of 1979 prior to the Islamic Revolution, adding that the region needs a revolution like the one brought by Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussein, who is venerated by Shi’ites. PIJ is a Palestinian group but often acts as an Iranian proxy. Although it is made up of Sunnis, it has adopted Iran’s Shi’ite iconography in these statements.

“Today, the American project is a project of infidels,” said Abu Sharif. “Unfortunately, the Arab governments are being won over by the projects of the United States and the Zionist regime… the governments are corrupt without exception.” He called for a revolution in the region against the recent trend of normalization of ties.

Overall, the comments appear to represent desperation on behalf of Iran and its allies among the Palestinians. The attempt to try to rekindle a revolutionary spirit like in 1979 or to encourage the Arab League to react as it did then is far-fetched.The interview nevertheless represents Iran’s attempt to spread slander against the UAE and also to encourage discord and protests in the region. So far there have been few protests against the UAE-Israel agreement.

Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?

Probably not. Unless, of course, you are a Christian. If so, when Jesus returns, He’ll set it all straight. If it’s left up to us, I’m afraid we’re doomed.

Peace requires all individuals involved to share a common goal of tolerance toward one another and a desire to see war come to an end. If that isn’t a view shared by both parties, there can be no peace.

We’ve not seen much of that way of thinking from radical Muslims, so yeah, peace isn’t something that’s likely at this point. Pray for Israel.