Is It Really True Liberals Can’t Seem To Move On From 2016 Election? New Hulu Series Is Proof The Answer Is Yes

(Tea Party 247) – When normal individuals experience a disappointment in life, they usually spend some time thinking and reflecting on their failure for awhile, trying to see where they went wrong and how they can do better next time. Sure, there’s a period of mourning, but for the most part, once time to heal has passed, they move on, better and wiser.

This is not at all the case with the Democratic Party. They still, to this day, are whining, complaining, and absolutely wallowing in their massive defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 election. It seems they really cannot let this go. Like at all.

Or, more likely, they simply refuse to. They’d rather act like a bunch of wounded children upset that they were defeated on the playground in a game of hop scotch than actually make progress toward addressing the reasons why they failed and improving themselves. That’s too much work, too much effort. Politicians don’t like to work.

A new series coming out from Hulu proves, once again, that the left just cannot let go of this defeat and move forward.

Here’s more from Townhall:

Hulu has optioned the rights to Curtis Sittenfeld’s alternative history book “Rodham,” which takes place in a world in which Hillary Rodham never married Bill Clinton.

The series is described as telling the story of an ambitious young woman, developing her extraordinary mind in the latter part of the 20th century, moving from idealism to cynicism and all the way back again.

Sarah Treem is attached to write and executive produce the project. “The Handmaid’s Tale” executive producer Warren Littlefield will also executive produce “Rodham” via The Littlefield Company along with Sittenfeld. Fox 21 Television Studios, where Littlefield is under an overall deal, will produce.

Should the show go to series, it would be the second project focused on Hillary Clinton that Hulu has aired. The streamer debuted the four-part docuseries “Hillary” back in March. That series chronicled her 2016 presidential campaign while also delving into events from her past that shaped her life.

They just can’t let her go. It’s sad. It’s done. Finished. Hillary lost. She’s a two-time loser. She will never be president of the United States and her time in American politics is over. Also, this series is predicated on if she never married Bill. Then, what’s the point of the show? Marrying Bill Clinton was Hillary’s greatest achievement for without it she wouldn’t have the career that she did. She is where she is because she married Bill, who was smart, likable, and had something that she never could muster—political skill. If Hillary never married Bill, she wouldn’t be where she is today, which means nowhere. She would be nothing. Okay, maybe not nothing. She might very well have been a success on her own, but no one would know her name the way they do now. So, again, what’s the point? It seems like it’s a project to giving a dying brand one last tank of oxygen.

It’s really quite sad that these folks can’t find a way to move past their failures. Their time would be better spent looking toward the future than constantly wallowing in the past. Perhaps what they ought to do is look at the reasons why Trump upset Clinton and took home the big prize?

Could it be that their policies are out of step with what the majority of real Americans actually want? Is it possible that the socialism they think is good for us is the exact opposite of that and average citizens, who they tend to think are too stupid to know how to care for themselves, know this?

Answering those questions would be super enlightening for these folks.