It’s Time For Conservatives To Face This Unsettling Truth About The US Supreme Court

(Tea Party 247) – The latest Supreme Court rulings on DACA and the Civil Rights have been catastrophic for conservatives and really highlights one of the biggest reasons why our country is in the state that it’s currently in. For decades, Republicans have utterly failed to nominate actual conservatives to the Supreme Court and it has taken an ugly toll on America.

As Michael Snyder, a Newswars writer, puts it in an article discussing this matter, it’s time for conservatives to admit the truth. He goes on to point out that over the last 51 years, Republicans have been in the White House for 31 of them and yet the left has enjoyed a “virtually uninterrupted string of historic Supreme Court victories” the entire time.

The current majority of Supreme Court justices have been appointed by Republicans but the left continues to win time and time again. As Snyder points out, Republicans have failed repeatedly in nominating true conservatives to the Court.

He goes on to say:

At this point, only Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito can really be considered “conservatives”, and that means that liberal causes will continue to march forward at the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future.

Have you noticed that the liberal justices always vote the way that the left wants them to vote on key issues?

That is because the left doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to the Supreme Court.  Historically, they have always selected their nominees very, very carefully, and so they always knew exactly what they were getting.

On the other hand, conservatives have been conned into supporting Supreme Court nominees that were either “moderate” or openly liberal for decades.

It all started with Richard Nixon.  He nominated four justices to the Supreme Court, but instead of a more conservative court we ended up with Roe v. Wade.

Reagan and Bush combined to appoint five new justices to the Supreme Court, but Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy and David Souter all turned out to be quite liberal.

George W. Bush gave us John Roberts, and conservatives all over the country cheered when he was confirmed.

But he has also turned out to be very liberal. He has repeatedly voted with the liberal wing of the Court, and on Thursday he once again voted with them in the DACA case.

President Trump was understandably quite upset that the Supreme Court ruled to overturn his decision to repeal the Obama-era DACA.

“The recent Supreme Court decisions, not only on DACA, Sanctuary Cities, Census, and others, tell you only one thing, we need NEW JUSTICES of the Supreme Court. If the Radical Left Democrats assume power, your Second Amendment, Right to Life, Secure Borders, and … Religious Liberty, among many other things, are OVER and GONE!” he tweeted.

Sadly, Trump’s nominees, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, have both been huge disappointments. Not only did Gorsuch rule with the liberal justices on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 decision, he wrote the opinion for the decision. Despite Kavanaugh dissenting he still sang the decisions praises in his dissent:

“Millions of gay and lesbian Americans have worked hard for many decades to achieve equal treatment in fact and law. … They have advanced powerful policy arguments and can take pride in today’s result.”

The bottom line is, the warning signs were there for both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh but Republicans simply failed to adequately vet either candidate. Now we are reaping the consequences and if Biden wins in November, the Supreme Court will officially be a lost cause for conservatives.