Jane Fonda Reaches New Height Of Crazy – “Did We Not Learn From Vietnam?”

(Tea Party 247) – Jane Fonda has made herself a prominent climate change hoax poster child. For months, Fonda has been showing up in Washington D.C. to protest “climate change” in what she has called “Fire Drill Fridays” and she manages to get herself arrested every time. Turns out, getting arrested is the goal. Fonda vowed to get arrested every Friday in 2019 as part of her protest against the supposed complacency of the US government in fighting climate change. She’s really showing us who’s boss!

In a recent video Fonda is seen giving a speech, as impassioned as any Hollywood actor could muster, in which she questions whether or not we learned from the “lessons of Vietnam?” Surely, us warmongering Americans would have learned our lessons by now and want to stay out of foreign affairs. After all, all the wars that have been fought in the last several decades have only been about oil, at least that’s what Fonda believes. Her head is clearly buried too deep in the sands of progressivism and wokeness to be able to obtain even the slightest grasp on reality.

In her emotional speech, Fonda stresses that “the climate movement and the peace movement must be one movement.” Fonda believes this because she so ignorantly believes that if only we would all just stop fighting about oil, everyone would get along, the planet would be saved and we would have world peace. This is, of course, a fairytale that liberals tell themselves in order to feel like their lives aren’t a complete waste.

The truth is, the climate movement is based on pseudo-science and outright lies and the peace movement is a blatant denial of evil in the world, which exists because of wicked ideologies like Islam that breed, promote, and indoctrinate hate into anyone willing to dedicate their lives to it.

Fonda, speaking to the “younger” people at the rally, said, “all of the wars that have been fought since you’ve been born have been fought over oil.” Sure, oil is a driving force in many international conflicts but to claim that all the wars that have been fought since who knows when, have been strictly about oil, is just downright false.

She even goes as far as to speak for terrorists, saying the “bombings” on 9/11 were all about oil. No. The attacks of 9/11 were about hate. Hate fueled by a depraved and evil “religion” that encourages conversion or death to all who have not yet conformed.

She goes on to assert that “for decades US troops were stationed in the Middle East to…” you guessed it… “guard oil.” Those troops were apparently stationed on “sacred sites, sites that are sacred, holy to the people of that region.” So, now we are supposed to give respect and recognition to “sacred” sites of a religion that breeds hate and a culture that promotes “death to America.” OK, sure Jane.

Then she bizarrely asks, “Did we not learn the lessons of Vietnam?” going on to say, “not bother to learn about the people that we were shaming and insulting?” Fonda is a typical bleeding-heart Dem who believes whole-heartedly and earnestly that America is the evil in the world and the US is nothing more than a warmongering world power that desires to oppress all other countries and peoples of the world for our own benefit and enrichment. Everyone else in the world gets a pass because, well, they’re not America. They can’t possibly be bad or evil, they’re just misunderstood. It’s exactly why only the left was upset about Trump taking out one of the world’s most prominent terror leaders, Soleimani. America = evil.

Fonda then tried to tie her entire premise that the “climate movement and the peace movement have to be one movement.” She said, “…we lose lives and kill people and ruin an environment because of oil and fossil fuels.”

“Oil is killing people in the Middle East.” Interesting theory. It couldn’t possibly be Muslims killing people in the Middle East. No, it’s certainly oil that’s doing that.

She then claims the war in Iraq wasn’t started by Bush, it was “started by Cheney” and it was all because of “oil.”

Then, despite hundreds of arrests in Australia in connection with arson and the ongoing bush fires, she asserted that, “Oil is killing us here. Killing our climate, causing fires in Australia.”

How can anyone take this woman seriously? Only those affected with the same mental condition of liberalism can and thank God that is a voluntary disorder.