Joe Biden’s Economic Platform For Presidential Bid Is Absurd; You Just Have To See It For Yourself

(Tea Party 247) – Presidential nominee Joe Biden is finally starting to release pieces of the platform he is running on for the big showdown against Trump this year, and much of what he’s saying is nothing more than plaigerized bits and pieces from Sen. Bernie Sanders and other radicals serving in Congress.

In fact, his economic pitch features new uses of federal government regulatory spending power to help give U.S. manufacturing and technology firms a boost. This, ladies and gentlemen, is just one of a million reasons this man should not be president.

Throw in the fact that his cognitive abilities are highly questionable and you don’t need a single other reason not to vote Biden. But in case you do, don’t forget this guy is also accused of numerous cases of sexual assault.

Here’s more on this from Newsmax:

Biden calls for a $400 billion, four-year increase in government purchasing of U.S.-based goods and services plus $300 billion in new research and development in U.S. technology concerns. Among other policies expected to be announced Thursday, he proposes tightening current “Buy American” laws that are intended to benefit U.S. firms but can be easily circumvented by government agencies.

An outline released by Biden’s campaign also touts his long-standing promises to strengthen workers’ collective bargaining rights and repeal Republican-backed tax breaks for U.S. corporations that move jobs overseas.

“This will be the largest mobilization of public investments in procurement, infrastructure and (research and development) since World War II,” senior adviser Jake Sullivan told The Associated Press, with the campaign promising additionally that Biden would require that effort in domestic markets before negotiating any new international trade deals.

The former vice president will discuss the proposals Thursday at a metal works concern in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. It’s the first of a series of addresses Biden plans as he shifts his line of attack against President Donald Trump to the economy. It’s political turf the Republican incumbent once considered a clear advantage before the coronavirus pandemic curbed consumer activity and drove unemployment to near-Depression levels.

The emphasis on manufacturing isn’t just a coincidence. Biden has a lot of key connections to individuals within unions and is hoping to secure the vote of these groups in order to give him a better fighting chance against Trump.

Biden is also putting together a package that will address one of the left’s pet issues, climate change, and a third package his campaign is already calling the “caring economy.” Sounds like something you’d hear on that old kid’s show, you know, the one with the purple dinosaur who sings annoying songs. And since it’s focus is on providing child and elder care for working-age Americans, that seems to fit perfectly.

“What’s going on here, we need to build back, not just to where we were but build back better than we’ve ever been,” Biden told the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on Wednesday. “We’re going to take a monumental step forward for the prosperity, power, safety and dignity of all American workers.”

The Democrat’s agenda carries at least some rhetorical echoes of Trump’s “America First” philosophy, but the former vice president’s aides describe his approach as more coherent. They cast Trump’s imposition of tariffs and uneven trade negotiations with other nations as a slapdash isolationism compromised further by tax policies that enrich multinational corporations. The Biden campaign also pointed to an uptick in foreign procurement and continued outsourcing of jobs by U.S.-based corporations during Trump’s presidency.

Republicans nonetheless have made clear they will attack Biden on trade and the economy, framing the Democratic Party establishment figure as a tool of the far left on taxes and a willing participant in decades of trade policy that gutted American workers. Trump also has lampooned Biden as “weak on China.”

Folks, if it’s not already been made crystal clear, we need to stop Biden from taking the White House. This man is dangerous, both in a physical sense with his less than stellar mental state, and his crappy policies, and shouldn’t be allowed in the White House.

Here’s to hoping Trump gets four more years.