Labor Report Busts Through The Left’s Narrative On African-American Unemployment

(Tea Party 247) – While all narratives have suddenly begun to revolve around race, as is often the case with such topics, the statistics don’t hold up well against the left’s preferred perspective.

While millions upon millions of Americans suffered immensely during the mass economic crisis that was the coronavirus pandemic, we have been told by many on the left that it hit African-Americans the hardest.

Now that we’re in the middle of yet another heated race war (despite absolutely no one disagreeing with the fact that George Floyd’s murder and racism alike are both wrong), they’ve been busy convincing black Americans that they’re perpetual victims, even of the non-discriminatory novel virus.

However, the May jobs report has bust right through this narrative.

The report, released Friday, shows an unexpected overall drop in unemployment, very welcome news to everyone, of course.

According to the data, however, it was Asians, not African-Americans, who suffered more from unemployment.


Just the News reports:

Though the May jobs report released Friday shows an unexpected overall drop in unemployment, the data also show that both African-American and Asian unemployment numbers increased last month, and that Asians as a whole have experienced a sharper uptick in unemployment rates since March.

The bureau’s “employment situation” report shows the nationwide unemployment rate declined to 13.3%, from 14.7%, representing a gain of about 2.5 million jobs.

The economic improvement was an indication that at least part of the country is rebounding from months of severe lockdowns imposed by governors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet both black and Asian Americans saw continued losses over the past month. Black unemployment slightly increased by 0.1% in May, going from 16.7% to 16.8%.

Asian unemployment jumped an even greater amount, going from 14.5% to 15%.

The Asian unemployment rate has actually risen more sharply than that of black Americans since March, according to the report. Asians were unemployed at a rate of 4.1% that month, while the African-American rate was 6.7%.