Leftist Man Livestreams Himself Praising CHOP Mural When This Happens. Try Not To Laugh.

(Tea Party 247) – Where there is anarchy there can only be chaos and the good folks of the autonomous nation “CHOP” within American city Seattle, have found this out firsthand over the last couple of weeks. Upon settling their independent nation the founders of CHOP (then called CHAZ) promptly established physical borders and then appointed armed members of the revolutionary nation to police them. (The irony has not been lost on anyone.)

Ever since, the world’s smallest country has offered us endless comedic relief as their liberal dystopia has repeatedly stumbled on its way to utter self-implosion while being coddled by the delusional leftist Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan.

The latest in hilarity comes from a video posted to Facebook in which a man is livestreaming himself praising a spray-painted mural calling it “art” and saying it is an “expression” of their “feelings” which include phrases such as “Safe Spaces Start Here,” “Shoot the Police,” “Defund SPD,” and “No Cops Allowed.”

Suddenly it appears the streamer drops the phone and after a couple seconds of blurry images the screen becomes still again and a man dressed in bright, high-visibility construction attire holding a blunt object appears. The screen goes dark and after a couple seconds you can hear the live-streamer repeatedly yelling “thief” desperately to the backdrop of what sounds to be running.

After just admiring the wall full of art and expression that clearly conveys the message that the cops are not welcome, it remains unclear who exactly the live-streamer was yelling “thief” to. Surely he did not want the man to take off with his property but unfortunately for him, there was nobody around in the CHOP “safe space” to help him catch the thief. What a shame.

We’d be willing to bet he was wishing there would have been a police officer around as he was chasing down the “thief” who stole his device. Leftists just have to learn the hard way, apparently, though they typically refuse to see the forest for the trees.

The clip was also uploaded to Facebook by Vincent James, host of The Red Elephants, who wrote that a “Streamer hit and robbed on livestream while boasting about how wonderful CHAZ is without cops.”

Streamer hit and robbed on livestream while boasting about how wonderful CHAZ is without cops.

Posted by Vincent James on Sunday, June 21, 2020

Despite the fact that CHOP “citizens” declared on the wall of art that “safe spaces start” there, it doesn’t appear all in CHOP are on the same page. This video provides humorous ironic proof of this but less amusing is the fact that Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has reported that 911 calls for rape and violent crimes have more than tripled in the area since the nation’s founding.

Just over the weekend, a double shooting left one 19-year-old man dead and another in critical condition. Angry crowds of “peaceful” CHOP-ites prevented the police from breaching the nation’s borders to investigate the alleged homicide. This has prompted Mayor Durkan to reconsider allowing this little Orwellian experiment to continue unfettered. Looks like the leftist Mayor’s “summer of love” was just a delusional pipe dream after all.

CHOP is a circus and despite the picture the liberal media is trying to paint it’s nothing but anarchy and chaos.