LOL: Joe Scarborough Desperately Tries To Claim Joe Is Totally Fine. Yeah, Right.

(Tea Party 247) – “Republican” Joe Scarborough is desperately insisting that Joe Biden is totally fine and not, in fact, declining into severe dementia, as we all clearly know he is.

Biden can barely string to sentences together or keep track of where he is, where he’s going, who the president is or heck, who’s even running for president.

The fact that it’s him running for president should make the Democrats very, very afraid.

Which is why Scarborough is going to bat for the pathetic candidate, reassuring Americans that Joe is “obviously” “not senile,” a statement that is far, far from “obvious” to millions of concerned citizens.

All the soft interview questions and positive media coverage in the world can’t cover up for this disturbing fact.

Hilariously, Scarborough insisted that it was “ageist” of Trump to call out Biden’s clearly failing mental capacity when Biden is a mere four years older than Trump.

“When you’re talking about seniors and coronavirus, that’s one part of it. But another part, isn’t there polling out that shows that his constant attacks on Joe Biden is senile when, obviously, Joe Biden is not senile, is actually backfiring on Donald Trump as well?” Scarborough asked on his program, “Morning Joe” this week.

Biden reports that MSNBC contributor John Heilemann said Trump has “overplayed his hand” by going after Biden for his cognitive challenges and that GOP strategists in Florida think it has “backfired” on him among seniors.

Any senior who has as many senior moments as Joe Biden probably knows they’re not in the position to be running for president. Trump, meanwhile, born in the same decade and also a senior, is as sharp as a tack.

Clearly, it’s not the age.

“Among Republican strategists in Florida, if you ask them why is Trump hurting with seniors, they come with two answers. One is COVID, and one is that he’s overplayed his hand in how he attacked Joe Biden as being, you know, like mentally infirm at this point in his life,” Heilemann advised. “They think that’s backfired.”

“Especially when you look at the reels of tape that ‘The Daily Show’ has on Donald Trump having trouble completing sentences,” Scarborough replied.

“It’s a ridiculous argument, an ageist argument, strangely enough, coming from a 74-, 75-year-old guy. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.”

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