Man Caught Mailing In Ballot For Long-Dead Wife. Guess What Party They’re Registered As?

(Tea Party 247) – We have known for months that the Democrats are intent on using the mail-in voting system for their advantage this general election.

Before we even knew the full breadth of the coronavirus pandemic, top Democrats were already promoting the idea of increased mail-in voting across the country.

This was six months before the election!

They couldn’t have possibly known the pandemic would drag on for so long, but they already had all the talking points geared up.

Meanwhile, conservatives have been warning that a widespread increase of mail-in voting spelled absolute disaster.

Leftist media outlets try to push propaganda that voter fraud hardly ever happens, but real life begs to differ.

There have been dozens of reported cases of potential and even voter fraud, to say nothing of all the supposed errors of ballots sent to the wrong address or person, registered to the wrong party or even to a cat.

Here’s yet another one for the books: a man in Florida (of course) tried to request a ballot for his wife.

Who has been dead for four years.

The Post-Millennial reports that the man, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s office, claimed to have been “testing the system to see if it worked.”

A county elections supervisor apparently caught the fishy request and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

“As soon as they pulled up the file it showed that she is dead,” Manatee County Supervisor of Elections, Mike Bennett, explained.

Registered Democrat Larry Wiggins, 62 told investigators that he was simply “testing the system.”

Well, there ya go.

“He did test the system, and guess what? It worked,” Bennet said.

“The thing we’re pushing is we want people to know no matter what county you’re in, in Florida every supervisor in Florida is dedicated to make sure we have fair and honest elections,” Bennett added.

Let’s hope that’s true around the country and that every election supervisor is as honest as Bennett.

Somehow, especially since we’re talking about Florida, I doubt it.

It’s going to be Gore v Bush 2020 all over again.

Video: Florida man who requested ballot for dead wife: ‘I feel like I haven’t done anything wrong’