Mindless BLM Drones Vandalize Statue Outside Black Church In Indiana; Guess What The Statue Was Of

(Tea Party 247) – As the frenzied craze against statues continues to erupt across the country as yet another form of expression for the violence and lunacy of Black Lives Matter protesters, it’s become more and more clear that the individuals who are deeply involved in this movement don’t have two fully functioning brain cells to rub together.

I know, I know. Suggesting such a thing will probably lead to the “racist” card being slung in my direction, but just because the mob comes after you doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Believe it or not, there is evidence to back up my initial claim.

Apparently, these dopes in BLM recently vandalized a statue outside of a black church in Indiana. That statue was of a slave fleeing with her infant daughter.

Morons. Morons everywhere.

Here’s more from The Gateway Pundit:

The faces on the statue were painted red, similar to what we have seen done to statues of Confederate generals and Christopher Columbus, and tagged with “BLM.” Ironically though, the statue at the nearly 170-year-old Second Baptist Church is of former slave Lucy Higgs Nichols, escaping slavery with her baby.

The church was known for helping slaves who were fleeing during the civil war. Higgs Nichols went on to become a nurse in the Union Army.

The church is now putting up security cameras to keep an eye on the statues and the church itself. A GoFundMe campaign to help has raised nearly $5,000.

“All community donations, just people saying, ‘I want to help,‘” Friends of the Town Clock Church Treasurer Jerry Finn explained to WAVE 3 News. “What it will allow us to do is put cameras in place to monitor the gardens and the church as well.”

It doesn’t make any sense why BLM would find this statue so offensive, especially since it is to commemorate what, historically, this church did to help people become free. At this point in time, it seems the BLM movement is simply about expressing rage and hatred through vandalism and acts of violence. There’s no way around it.

If they truly want to be about radical heart change and transformation leading toward the end of racism, they need to start with themselves. They need to drop this violence and express their ideas in a peaceful manner. It can be done.

Here’s more on this from Wave3 News:

Finn told WAVE 3 News the group has raised around $6,600 between their GoFundMe page and other fundraising efforts. Friends of the Town Clock Church have also raised money in years past to restore parts of the church, which was completed in 1852.

According to Pastor LeRoy Marshall, the church was seen as a beacon of hope during the Civil War era to freedom seekers across the Ohio River. Higgs Nichols, an African American woman, was able to escape slavery and eventually became a nurse in the Union Army, serving the Indiana 23rd Regiment.

Marshall told WAVE 3 News the sculpture serves as an inspiration for his small, majority-black congregation.

“This, this whole situation was really depressing for a lot of our church members,” Marshall said. “This is a slap in the face to everybody.”

Marshall said he hopes to have the security cameras operational in the next seven-to-10 days.

Removing statues is not going to change the past. It isn’t going to impact the present in a positive way that will lead toward the elimination of racism in the future. In fact, it might just cause the opposite to happen and that’s the last thing this country needs. We need to move forward, together, not separated and divided, making us all, of any color, vulnerable potential victims of a government desperate to strip power from the people.

That only comes through setting aside our skin color and accepting the truth that we should be judged by what we do, how we behave, as individuals, not a collective. We should be judged by the content of our character, as MLk is famous for saying. Let’s hope that happens one day.