MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Gets Floored In Epic Way For Trump Comment…By The Left

(Tea Party 247) – Okay, so we all know that every once in a great awhile liberals actually break the mold of what we expect from them behaviorally speaking and actually take one of their own people to task for saying something they disagree with. It’s a rare phenomenon, which is why when it happens we’re all shocked nearly to death by it. Mostly these individuals just attack the GOP and that’s it.

Well, that’s precisely what’s happened with MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd, who has been taken to the woodshed by his own side of the political spectrum after making a comment about how President Trump has changed his tune on wearing masks.

Because apparently people aren’t allowed to ever change their minds on an issue. These people are truly insufferable sometimes.

Making a comment about someone starting to come around on masks earned Todd tons of hate from his base.

Here’s more from Fox News:

During a panel discussion on Wednesday, the “Meet the Press: Daily” host highlighted the “most newsworthy item” from the latest White House briefing, which he thought was Trump’s remarks about his administration’s consideration of “abiding” by local mask mandates.

“The fact that he said they’re thinking about it is probably — shows you that at least on the mask front, the president has turned a corner,” Todd said.

That comment apparently didn’t sit well with his viewers.

“Baby s—s the bed. One day he stops s—ting the bed. And instead s—s in a nice piece of China & places it under the bed and reporters say ‘what a brave big boy.’ Please stop with these ulcer-inducing bad takes. 140,000 plus Americans are dead because this monster doesn’t care,” actor Josh Gad tweeted.

“This is why we never need more #ChuckTodd. Never. Ever. We need WAY less. Like none. #Sheesh!” actress Yvette Nicole Brown wrote.

“If @MSNBC needs a reason why loyal viewers automatically reach for the remote at 5 p.m., it’s comments like this right here,” writer Laurie Brookins similarly said.

“The corner of refusing to even encourage governors to adopt a mask mandate?” Pod Saves America co-host Jon Favreau asked.

“Credulous media dim-bulbs like @chucktodd will screw this up all over again,” A.V. Club writer Dennis Perkins warned.

In recent days, the president has urged Americans to begin wearing the masks in an effort to help prevent the continued spread of the coronavirus, even going so far as to say wearing a mask is “patriotic.”

“We’re asking everybody when you’re not able to socially distance to wear a mask,” Trump said Tuesday. “Whether you like masks or not, wear a mask.”

Of course, this isn’t going to change the way a lot of folks feel about masks, and that’s understandable. There’s a lot of conflicting information involved in determining whether or not these masks actually help prevent the spread of the illness. There’s just so much we don’t know at this point.

It’s sad this has become yet another divisive issue for us as a country, but when you are a people who care about liberty, these kind of quibbles are to be expected.