Must-See: Rogue Drone Pilot Captures Chilling Footage Of CCP’s Cruel Human Rights Abuses

(Tea Party 247) – While privileged leftist protesters regularly whine about all their oppression, people living in Communist China are subject to truly oppressive treatment.

Footage leaked out of China underscore just how cruel the Chinese Communist Party can be to its people as the nation faces increased scrutiny for their treatment of religious minorities.

The video appears to have been taken from a drone and was first released in September of 2019 by the YouTube account War on Fear.

In it, you can see blindfolded and bound men being herded from train cars in a manner eerily reminiscent of the Nazis treatment of the Jews.

War on Far claims that the footage was obtained in China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, which, according to CBS News, has been confirmed by at least one expert.

Western Journal notes:

The recording serves as a haunting reminder that state-sanctioned evil like that of the Holocaust still exists in the world today.

Shortly after the footage was originally published, the global coronavirus pandemic put all eyes on China and its sickening treatment of people living under the ruling communist party.

Now, the same video has resurfaced and is making the rounds on Twitter.

It had racked up nearly six million views by Saturday, more than six times what the original YouTube video has.

The resurfaced clip is also gaining the attention of the media and politicians.

The footage is getting new attention as the coronavirus pandemic has place China in the global hot-seat.

More and more attention is being paid to China’s tyrannical control.

From the coronavirus to Hong Kong, human rights concerns are being raised.

But it is the treatment of the nation’s Uighur minority that is subject to some of the cruelest treatment.

WJ explains:

Roughly 11 million Uighurs live in western China, according to BBC.

The ethnic minority, which speaks its own language and is historically and culturally Muslim (though largely secular in practice today), is vastly different than the dominant Han Chinese who rule the country.

The separatism that springs from this major difference is an affront to the communist government’s vision of a harmonious and unified China.

For the crime of being an Uighur, men, women and children from the ethnic group often find themselves in a series of re-education and labor camps that work to erase their culture from the Middle Kingdom, The New York Times reported.

Evidence of this cultural genocide has appeared on American shores in the form of products that appear to have been made from and by the Uighur people.

We need all the light shone on the full extent of China’s human rights abuses, now more than ever.