Must-See: The Epic Hollywood Trump Parade The Media Will Pretend Never Happened

(Tea Party 247) – When most Americans think of Hollywood, they think of wealth, fame, and bat-crap crazy tone deaf progressive politics.

While the left so often claims to be the ideology of the everyman, the people, they are anything but.

They enjoy the support of billionaire CEOs and the entertainment industry’s glitterati while ignoring blue collar workers and the middle class.

However, even in Hollywood, it appears that Americans have had enough of the left’s destructive, dangerous policies.

Demonstrations usually get a lot of attention in the mainstream media, but here’s one large gathering they’d prefer you didn’t know about.

On Saturday, Trump supporters hit Hollywood’s glitzy Rodeo Drive to express their support for the president and opposition to the elite.

They couldn’t have picked a better place, of course.

BizPac Review reports:

The numbers were impressive, as was the diversity of those marching — which must have leftists lying awake at night.

As seen in the video clip below, shared by The Beverly Hills Courier reporter Samuel Braslow, the enthusiastic crowd marching along was chanting, “For more years!”

As for the diversity of the crowd, a black woman who supports President Trump is seen engaging with what appears to be a counter-protester over the importance of a strong family unit among black Americans.

The left’s pet movements like Black Lives Matter have been, for far too long, leaving Americans behind as they push for radical, anti-American ideology like the destruction of capitalism and the family unit.

Meanwhile, the big tent of Trump-style conservatism blows their narratives out of the water.

Clearly, this was a great rally! The only people gathering in these numbers to support Biden usually end up burning and looting. What a contrast!