Must Watch: Black Street Preacher Goes Into CHAZ/CHOP And Calls Out Joe Biden For Exactly What He Is

(Tea Party 247) – A black female street preacher is going viral after dropping some serious truth bombs on the “revolutionaries” of Seattle’s autonomous zone, CHAZ, or as it is now being called “CHOP.” In one video she is seen explaining that the Democrats have always been the party of racism and bigotry towards blacks and that there has never been a big “switch” of the parties as those on the left like to claim.

Bevelyn Beatty, a conservative activist and Christian evangelist, wore a red poncho as she bravely walked the streets of the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest”(CHOP) on Monday, talking to protestors.

“I know people don’t like Trump. I understand that … If I had to pick between him and Joe Biden, I am not voting in Joe Biden,” she told a Seattle journalist in the video. “You want to see a bunch of black people go to jail by the next four years, put Joe Biden in. Watch what happens.”

“You want to see black men get killed substantially like you’ve never seen before, put Joe Biden in,” she added. “These Democrats … and I’m not trying to be racist, hate black people.”

Beatty was joined by Edmee Chavanne and together the ladies are co-founders of At the Well Ministries. Fox News reports the two who were handcuffed at the end of May for violating coronavirus orders as they prayed outside a New York City Planned Parenthood. At the same time there were mass protests approved by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In the now viral video, Beatty also explains that black communities are not actually liberal or progressive but that they are really very conservative and don’t support the LGBT movement or abortion.

She said the Republican Party is “the party of the blacks,” history that isn’t taught in schools. Beatty has told Fox News she doesn’t support Black Lives Matter nor their acceptance of LGBTQ agenda or other liberal policies advocated by the organization.

“We’re conservative,” she said. “We don’t support abortion.”

Beatty brings up a really valid point about black communities being largely conservative. So, why do the majority of black voters identify as Democrat? The Niskanen Center, a Washington DC-based think tank, published a report on that very assertion in April, saying:

Many African-Americans see themselves as conservatives and hold conservative policy positions. But black voters overwhelmingly identify as Democrats and vote for Democratic candidates. Why can’t Republicans increase their black voter support despite rising conservatism? Ismail White and Chryl Laird find that African-Americans live in segregated social networks that enforce a norm of Democratic voting. Black voters are more supportive of Republicans when they do not feel social pressure. Tasha Philpot finds that black conservatism is meaningful and influential in policy views, but that black partisanship is based more on shared group identity. Black voters have varied ideologies, but agree on the concerns most important to vote choice. They agree that black partisanship challenges our ideas about ideological polarization.

One thing is for sure, it’s time for this cycle to be broken. Black voters have got to stop voting for the very politicians who work against them and who have actually imposed oppressive laws and policies, politicians exactly like Joe Biden.

A great awakening is happening and people like Beatty are leading the way.