NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Continues To Make A Fool Of Himself Over Fake Noose; Check Out What He’s Saying Now

(Tea Party 247) – Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace seems determined to become some sort of victimized hero of the radical left, which is understandable because that’s probably the only way anyone is going to give him the attention he apparently craves but is not getting from his current profession.

If you remember from a little bit ago, it was alleged that there was a noose discovered in his garage before a race, but the FBI just concluded their investigation and found out it wasn’t a noose but a rope tied as a handle for the garage door. The thing had been there for months apparently.

Well, Wallace isn’t letting it go. He’s insisting it’s a noose — it’s clearly not — and doing his best to become the next big news story blasted all over social media and the nightly news.

Wallace doubled-down on his claim during a recent appearance on CNN.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

By my count, because America no longer has an institution that looks into and investigates the accuracy of events before relaying them to the public (Yes, children, America once had this thing we called a news media), we have just experienced our fourth noose hoax in almost as many years.

There was the D.C. noose hoax — rope used to move equipment.

There was the University of Delaware noose hoax — hangers for tree lanterns.

There was the Oakland noose hoax — exercise ropes.

And now we have the NASCAR noose hoax because someone decided to freak out over a loop tied into a rope that’s used to pull down a garage door. Of course, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton is pretty sure Bubba is still the victim here.

While statues are toppled and monuments are desecrated throughout the country, while predominantly black neighborhoods are razed by rioters, looters, and arsonists — 15 FBI agents still had enough time on their hands to dig into the gobsmacking mystery of the intent behind the person (or persons) who, all the way back in 2019, tied a loop into a rope used to pull down a garage door.

Here’s an inconvenient truth you aren’t likely going to hear from the puppets in Hollywood, nor from the top brass at news networks around the world. There is no institutional racism in America. It doesn’t exist. It’s the left-wing version of Big Foot.

They keep looking for footprints to prove the beast exists, and when they can’t find any, rather than admit it and move on, they desperately cling to their belief — having based their entire purpose on it — and create evidence of its existence to delude themselves into believing their own lie.

Crazy, right?

I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist. It does. People can be awful sometimes. No doubt there are folks out there who hate someone just because of the color of their skin. Those people are stupid and need to grow up.

However, our culture has moved on from the days of institutional racism. We no longer think the way we did in the days before the Civil Rights movement. Not as a culture. Stop creating boogeymen where none exist, Bubba.