Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Has Some Choice Words For Rioters

(Tea Party 247) – Imagine putting your life at risk in some of the most extreme situations modern man has ever been in to protect the freedom and security if your country, only to see ungrateful idiots riot and loot in the name of “justice.”

Robert O’Neill, the US Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, has some very choice words for these looters and rioters, who are damaging private property for no good reason other than their anger over the death of George Floyd in police custody last week.

“Un. Believable. I cannot believe I fought to defend you,” O’Neill said in the first of a series of very angry tweets.

By the time this tweet was posted, rioters had set fire to a Minneapolis Police precinct, looted a Target, and set fire to an AutoZone.

“These ‘peaceful’ protesters certainly are violent.” O’Neill wrote in another tweet.

“I despise racism, I despise police brutality and it kills me that politically-funded terrorists are doing this on the shoulders of both,” O’Neill continued.

“Always wear a mask and keep your social distance. Unless we are all looting. Then we are good,” O’Neill also wrote on May 30, referring to the complete abandonment of wearing masks or social distancing in light of the riots.

“Good news: Based on the media, looting kills the Corona Virus,” he later tweeted.

“Don’t worry… I’m sure @JoeBiden will save us. He did nothing for 48 years… but here he comes!!,” the former SEAL quipped about former Vice President Biden.

American Military News notes that:

O’Neill’s tweet referenced Biden’s decades in political office without an apparent fix for the racial iniquities claimed by those protesting Floyd’s death while in the custody of a white police officer.

He also took aim at Somalian-born “Squad” member Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has openly advocated for the police in her hometown of Minneapolis to be defunded.

“You wanted Somalia. You got it,” he tweeted.

“After fighting al Qaeda, I’m embarrassed that our law enforcement can’t defend our citizens,” he also bemoaned.