“Never Again” North Korea Foreign Minister Issues Ominous Statement Over Trump-Kim Relations

(Tea Party 247) – North Korea has long been an unstable and unpredictable world presence. Their aspirations to develop nuclear weapons has not been a secret nor have their desires to dominate surrounding countries. In recent years President Trump has made historic contact with North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-Un and several summits have been held with the hope of establishing long-lasting peace and denuclearization.

Those on the left have criticized Trump for wanting to work with Kim Jung-Un, even saying the two get along because Trump himself is a supposed dictator. Apparently, the left has never heard the phrase “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Nonetheless, it appears that perhaps there are signs that the Trump-Kim relationship is moving toward troubled waters. A top Pyongyang official has issued a statement claiming there is “little use” in maintaining ties with the US.

“North Korea sees little use maintaining a personal relationship between leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump if Washington sticks to hostile policies, state media reported on Friday – the two-year anniversary of the leaders’ first summit,” Reuters reports of the surprisingly frank remarks made by Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon in a statement reported by state news agency KCNA.

According to the report, Ri is growing tired of what he sees as merely political point scoring from the US administration.

“Never again will we provide the U.S. chief executive with another package to be used for achievements without receiving any returns,” Ri said. “Nothing is more hypocritical than an empty promise.”

He charged that the US continued to talk regime change and preemptive strike even as it touted its dialogue and ‘openings’ with Kim Jong-Un.

“The U.S. professes to be an advocate for improved relations with the DPRK, but in fact, it is hell-bent on only exacerbating the situation,” Ri alleged.

The administration has yet to respond to these latest comments Friday, but it comes as the prospect for resumption of nuclear talks, which remain stalled since the end of last year, appear as bleak as ever.

On Thursday a State Dept. spokesperson only said it is open to a “flexible approach to reach a balanced agreement” with regard to North Korea.

But all this is alarming for the short term, also a moment the Pentagon is seeking to place missiles near China among US allies – though so far it’s not getting many takers. No doubt it means that after a series of short and medium range NK missile tests this year alone, North Korea is almost certain to restart its long range missile program, and likely nuclear testing as well.