Newly Released Bodycam Footage Reveals The Truth About How Police Treated Rayshard Brooks; This Explodes The Liberal Narrative

(Tea Party 247) – New body cam footage, released in its entirety, reveals the truth about how police officers treated Rayshard Brooks, and it is not at all the way the radical left and their buddies in the mainstream media said it was.

The footage reveals that Officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosan, who were released from the Atlanta police department over the weekend, were actually quite respectful with Brooks and did everything by the book. Of course, such behavior doesn’t fit with the current narrative the left is doing their best to push, so yeah, they are no doubt going to try and ignore the footage or twist it up in some way.

So according to news reports, Rayshard Brooks nodded off asleep at a Wendy’s parking lot on Friday night. Police were called. When they arrived on the scene, Rayshard was given a breathalyzer test. He failed. Miserably. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Brooks immediately became violent.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Brooks was caught on camera wrestling with police and resisting arrest.

He was shot dead after he took the officer’s taser gun and fled down the street and fired the taser at police.

Here is the video.

Brooks was fighting two police officers.

Now new video released shows the officers being patient and respected to Rayshard Brooks before he resisted arrest.

It appears the police did everything in their power to keep calm and control the situation.

It’s when Brooks became violent, beat the police, and then fired the taser at police that he ended up dead.

There’s a lesson here.

Yeah there is. It’s a simple lesson too. Don’t fight the police. Don’t act like a jerk. Don’t attempt to steal their weaponry and turn it around on them. Don’t get stone blind drunk and pass out in a parking lot. These are just a few of the simple measures one can take to avoid not only a violent altercation with police, but to avoid an encounter with law enforcement from the get-go.

So easy. Yet so many, black and white, can’t seem to wrap their heads around this simple truth. Don’t break the law. It’s that easy. You don’t have the right to do just whatever you want. That’s not freedom. That’s anarchy. Not how a civilized society works.

Why do people continue to break the law then? Well, there are a lot of theories out in the world to try and explain the basics of human behavior, but the word “sin” seems to do the best job. People are fallen, imperfect beings thanks to the rebellion against God in the Garden of Eden.

Ever since then, we as a race of beings have been on a path of self-destruction, often proving to be our own worst enemies. People like Rayshard Brooks are perfect examples of that. This guy didn’t have to get shot. Instead, he chose to break the law in favor of his own form of rebellion.

And now he’s taking these good men and dragging them down into the dirt with him. Tragic on every level.