On The Brink Of A New School Year, President Trump Insists Virtual Learning Is Not The Answer

(Tea Party 247) – Here we are, in August and the Democrats are still clinging to the coronavirus pandemic. Everything has changed and nothing is the same. America feels like some weird shadow of what it used to be. The left has determined that it is far too dangerous to just go back to living life normally with COVID-19 on the loose with a survival rate of 99%. So, now children nationwide are facing the prospect of virtual learning from home while parents are left trying to hold life together by the seams.

One person who has been a vocal advocate of children returning to school has been President Trump. He recently doubled-down on his support for a return to on-campus instruction and said that virtual learning is just not a practical solution or replacement.

“One thing we’ve learned during this horror show during the China plague is that virtual is not the same as being there,” Trump said.

“The virtual learning is not like being in a classroom, and I think we’ve learned that, I think very strongly, in almost all cases,” Trump said. “People thought for a long time that would be the answer, but that’s not the answer. The answer is an old fashioned one.”

Breitbart has more:

The president met with a group of parents at a White House event on Wednesday to discuss the issues surrounding school reopening at a panel with Vice President Mike Pence, and Senior Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Other parents explained that they witnessed the struggles their kids had under lockdown, as most schools have been closed since March.

One mother who was also a pediatrician explained that her younger children struggled and fell behind with online learning.

Another mother said she was a small business owner who needed her kids back in school so she could continue operating her business.

She argued that there should be an option for parents who wanted to send their kids to school and for those who preferred to stay at home and learn digitally.

One teacher with asthma, a high-risk condition for contracting the virus, explained that she was prepared to return to her special needs class safely.

Trump introduced the group to Dr. Scott Atlas, a fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution who has appeared on Fox News to argue for reopening schools. Trump said that he had appointed Atlas as an adviser.

DeVos said that it was important to do what was best for American families:

“For students and their families, they can’t be held captive to other people’s fears and agendas, we have got to ensure that families and parents have options that are going to work for their child and their children’s education,” she said.

The panel also included Dr. Paul Peterson, the Director of the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard University.

Peterson argued for opening up schools for the sake of not only their education but children’s emotional and mental health.

“At one time, Mr. President, I thought digital learning was the future, but we have learned through this COVID crisis that we haven’t got digital learning to the point where you can really engage young people. They’ve got to be in that classroom.”

If there are parents who are still too scared to send their children back to school then those parents should be allowed the option to keep their children home but the rest of America, as DeVos put it, should not be held captive to the agenda of the left. There are children whose only meals come from being at school and most importantly there are children whose only safe place is school.

It just isn’t good for anyone except leftists to keep kids home any longer.