Oops: “Liberal Sherpa” Accuses Tucker Carlson Of Sexual Harassment…But Her Twitter Profile Cases Serious Doubt On Allegations

(Tea Party 247) – This week, the mainstream media got themselves in an excited tizzy over a joint lawsuit filed by two women against Fox News, alleging sexual harassment against several of the network’s top personalities.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

On Monday night top talent at FOX News were mentioned in a lawsuit by former employee Jennifer Eckhart and frequent guest Cathy Areu. Former FOX News host was accused of sexual assault in the lawsuit and Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Howard Kurtz and Gianno Caldwell were accused of of inappropriate behavior.

Areu, for her part, had quite a nice little gig going on with Carlson’s show, where she was nicknamed the “Liberal Sherpa” and lent her hilariously nutty commentary to the top-rated prime time program.

She claims, amazingly, that she was tied down to a chair while Carlson changed in front of her.

This sounds sadistic and cruel and no doubt like sexual harassment…until you pay closer attention to her allegations.

She was, in reality, sitting in a chair waiting to be unattached from her mic while Carlson changed his jacket for the Fox Christmas party.


It’s right there in the lawsuit:

As a regular guest, Areu should not have felt trapped or “tied” to this chair. She could have just removed her own mic and walked away.

That’s not all.

She also happens to have kept a picture of herself and Carlson on her Twitter account!

Why would she be so proud of a photo of herself and someone she accused of sexual harassment??