Oxford Professor Speaks Absolute Truth About People And Their Reaction To The Coronavirus; What He Says Should Be Taken To Heart By Every Citizen On The Planet

(Tea Party 247) – It’s time to accept reality, folks. The coronavirus isn’t going anywhere. There’s no way to eliminate this virus off the face of the earth. It comes from a family of viruses that have no cure. Vaccines don’t work on these kind of illnesses either. Only building a natural immunity to it in our communities will this thing fade into the background and become like any other cold virus.

That takes time.

We cannot stay locked down forever. We cannot wear masks permanently. Human beings are not meant to live this way. It’s not natural. It’s not right. And it’s totally ineffective. Much of the hysteria around the masks and the virus comes from the mainstream media who have hyped it up for political purposes and used it as leverage to usurp power from the unsuspecting masses.

Carl Heneghan, a professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, has come out and said that governments around the world have failed in their attempts to accurately communicate the actual threat of the COVID-19 virus, causing individuals around the world to become “overly frightened” due to a sense of misplaced fear.

Via Summit News:

Heneghan was responsible for the UK government significantly lowering its official COVID-19 death toll after he revealed that health authorities were counting coronavirus deaths even if someone had subsequently died of other causes.

Urging people to “get on with your lives!” Heneghan said that exaggerated fears over the pandemic had led to “people going about their daily lives misunderstanding and overestimating their risk.”

“We reset how we calculate the death rates. We now need to reset how we communicate the risks of the virus,” said Heneghan.

“I am concerned people have become overly frightened and throughout this pandemic, the fear instilled in people has been a real problem,” he added.

“Many people misunderstand and overestimate their risk of Covid. This uncertainty is leaving them highly anxious and affecting schools, offices and how we go about our daily lives. The government needs to intervene to explain to people their true risks,” concluded Heneghan.

As we previously highlighted, a survey last month found that across the western world, populations drastically overestimated the number of people who had been killed by coronavirus.

In the UK, respondents thought that an average of 7 per cent of the population, around 5 million people, had died from coronavirus, 100 times the actual figure which is 41,429.

When folks aren’t given accurate data and information, when they are spoon fed a certain narrative by the mainstream media over and over and over again, these individuals will come to believe what they are being told is true.

Media and medical professionals have been put under pressure to follow a leftist narrative, for many different reasons, and thus have not provided an accurate summation of the information we have available on coronavirus.

This is an illness with a 99 percent survivability rate. The vast majority of individuals who contract it are going to live. They will recover and move on with life, just like with any other virus. It’s time to take back our lives, our liberty, and get back to doing the things we’ve always done.

Coronavirus is here to stay. So instead of cowering in fear, let’s just deal with it.

Source: summit.news/2020/08/24/oxford-professor-says-people-have-become-overly-frightened-of-coronavirus/