Police Arrest Child Who Kicked A Man Already Unconscious. No, Really. Here’s How Old The Suspect Was.

(Tea Party 247) – While the past week and a half have been full of disturbing videos and images of horrific attacks on innocent bystanders caught in the crosshairs of opportunism and rage, one of the most despicable has been that of a man who was beaten, bloody and unconscious, in the streets of Portland.

A group of thugs chased a man and pushed him down amid Portland’s George Floyd protests, then kicked him when he was already face-down on the floor and motionless.

Afterward, one of the thugs can be heard bragging, “Knocked his motherf***in’ ass out!”

An onlooker can be heard saying “Who the f*** are you runnin’ your mouth like that, man?”

Police have now announced they arrested a suspect in connection to the kick to the victim’s head.

A 14-year-old.

Portland Police Chief Jami Resch said that community members “came forward with critical information to help us identify the person responsible for this horrible act.”

Assault detectives said on Wednesday afternoon that they detailed the young male suspect and took him to the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center on charges of second-degree assault.

Police did clarify that while several media outlets reported that the victim died, thankfully, this was not the case.

Twitter users, upon learning the age of the perp, expressed outrage.

Some examples, collected by The Blaze.

“Parents of the year.”

“I see an attempted murder, this is not a felony assault.”

“Charge the parents, too.”

“Assault??? Kicking [an] unconscious person like you’re kicking a 100-yard field goal is attempted murder …”

“He should be tried as an adult for attempted murder. He could have killed that man!”

“Who raised this little monster?”


“Kicking out someone’s teeth is a lifetime of pain and trying to restructure the mouth. No teeth, hard to speak, eat, live.”

“I’m scared for the future my children are facing.”

“Needs to be charged as an adult.”