Police Just Cleared Out An Antifa Squat…But What They’re Expecting Next Is Chilling

(Tea Party 247) – The United States isn’t the only place in the world dealing with violent, far-left Antifa extremists.

In fact, the group and groups known widely as “Antifa” originated in Europe in countries that not too long ago were being run by real fascists, and yet these modern groups seem to have no sense of irony.

They behave exactly the same as thugs working on behalf of the notorious 20th Century European fascists did, they demand censorship of free speech and bully and intimidate those who don’t comply, they use violence for political means and advocate for bigger, more invasive government.

And they’re “Antifascists”?

Well, police in Germany are now expecting retaliation from members of this extremist group, an instance which would likely not be the case if the police were fascists as they would have just killed or imprisoned these Antifa members instead of simply breaking up their little homeless camp.

Breitbart reports:

Police have said they expect violence and retaliation from Antifa after a massive operation involving 1,500 officers to remove extremists from a long-standing squat.

Around 57 extremists were removed from the “Liebig 34” squat in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin on Friday morning, with officials saying that only a few offered physical resistance.

However, police also stated that they expect retaliation for the far left in the German capital in the coming days in response to the operation, Die Welt reports.

According to Die Welt, law enforcement expect attacks on police vehicles and properties as well as potential attacks on public transport infrastructure and other actions. “The aim of the actions is to put the capital in ruins,” a police source said.

1,500 officers from eight different German states took part in the operation which began at around 7 a.m. The area around the building was cordoned off and any demonstrators were dispersed from the area. Some police were attacked on nearby streets, however.

The evacuation comes two years after the “anarcho-queer-feminist” residents association living in the building had their ten-year commercial lease expire. Following a long legal battle, a court ordered that the building be given over to the owner and the squatters removed.

Tagesspiegel reports that there were thankfully no booby traps found in the building, something that could be expected based on previously broken up Antifa squats.

In 2017, a Berlin group tried to electrocute police officers by rigging the doorknobs, but that the police had cut off power before their raid.

Leipzig Antifa members, who are notorious for their violent tactics that cost taxpayers millions, declared their solidarity with their Berliner counterparts later in the day on Friday.

Video: Police operation to evict left-wing protesters in Berlin