Police Officers Across The Nation Protesting Anti-Cop Rhetoric In Major Way

(Tea Party 247) – Police officers in Atlanta have begun calling in sick and refusing to answer calls, unless they’re for back-up in response to the decision to file charges against their fellow officer, Garrett Rolfe, who shot Rayshard Brooks, a black man, who grabbed his Taser and fired it at him.

As the George Floyd outrage movement was still raging across the nation, the news of Brooks’ death ignited a new wave of anger at perceived systemic racism in policing.

But the boys in blue are sick and tired of the rhetoric.

The interim chief of police and mayor of Atlanta are assuring residents that the department is well-staffed enough to continue protecting the public despite the blue-out.

Just the News explains:

Less than a day after Brooks’ shooting June 12, police Chief Erika Shields resigned, and Rodney Bryant took over as the interim chief. On Thursday, Bryant donned a navy-blue shirt instead of the white shirt that is standard for command staff. He said the wardrobe decision was a gesture of solidarity to the officers in his department.

“This is the uniform that the men and women of the police department wear, and I felt that it was important they they have an understanding that we are one organization, and we will dress as one organization,” Bryant told press on Thursday.

Bryant also said he was surprised at the speed with which the Fulton County district attorney had made the decision to charge the officers, noting that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation hadn’t yet completed its investigation into the Friday night shooting.

Rolfe’s scheduled first court appearance Friday was cancelled in the morning.

These officers are all fresh off several weeks of often violent protests which directed pointed hate against police officers.

Multiple police officers have been assaulted and even killed across the nation amid violent riots, and several vehicles and precincts burned down. Heck, in Seattle, the city surrendered a precinct to violent protesters who have now turned it into a dystopian Antifa/BLM “no cop co op.”

Just the News continues:

Vince Champion, a spokesperson for the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, spoke about the actions of the cops in Atlanta, saying “This is not an organized thing. It’s not a blue flu. It’s not a strike. It’s nothing like that. What it actually is is officers protesting that they’ve had enough and they don’t want to deal with it any longer.”

Champion offered that many Atlanta officers felt prosecutors had not publicly provided sufficient evidence to match the charges brought against Rolfe.

Meanwhile, around the nation:

Frustrations have continued to mount in police departments across the nation between police officers and the leaders of their localities. Two weeks ago, dozens of Louisville Metro Police officers walked out on Mayor Greg Fischer prior to his address.

“They feel completely unsupported and disrespected by this administration,” Ryan Nichols, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, told the Courier Journal. “They feel whatever he was going to say would have been nothing more than lip service, and he does not care about them at all.”

Demonstrations in Louisville began in late May, following the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody, but were exacerbated significantly by the mid-March shooting of Breonna Taylor, an unarmed black woman, who was shot in her apartment by the Louisville Metro PD.

In New York City, rumors are circulating of a plan for officers to go on strike on July 4. Reportedly, text messages have been making the rounds through law enforcement circles, instructing officers to not show up for duty so that the city can “have their independence without cops.”

Officers in New York reportedly feel disrespected by the residents of the city, and especially, Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has demanded sweeping measures to make the NYPD more transparent, as officers have spent the past several weeks clashing with sometimes violent protestors and looters.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch recently said that NYC officers “have reached their breaking point. Over the past few weeks, we have been attacked in the streets, demonized in the media and denigrated by practically every politician in this city.”