Politics Is Now Destroying Major League Baseball As Three Games Have Been Postponed; Give You Three Guesses Why

(Tea Party 247) – Sports was the one area of culture where folks of all walks of life, all religions, all political ideologies, could set aside their differences, could look beyond the petty problems of the world, and unite as one behind the banner of their favorite team. It was a little slice of heaven on earth, a place to get away from it all and enjoy incredible feats of human athleticism.

And then along came Black Lives Matter. A group that, at this point, should be considered a terrorist organization for all of the violence, looting, and rioting they’ve done over the last several months. They infiltrated the world of professional sports and brainwashed spoiled brat athletes into becoming political activists, convinced doing so would make them look and feel important.

The latest such casualty of politics appears to be Major League Baseball. As of this writing, three games have been postponed as a form of protest against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the hands of law enforcement.

Of course, what you won’t see in the media coverage is how it’s been confirmed Blake had a weapon on the floorboard of the vehicle at the time he was shot. Too inconvenient and doesn’t fit in with the narrative.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

The Milwaukee Brewers and Seattle Mariners followed the lead of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and the five other NBA teams who walked out Wednesday in protest of Blake’s shooting.

Blake was shot Sunday in Kenosha by a white police officer. A video of the incident appears to show the officer grabbing Blake by the back of his shirt as he tried to get into a small SUV, then shoot him seven times at point-blank range. The 29-year-old father of six is currently in stable condition after undergoing surgery but is paralyzed from the waist down. The incident is the latest in a string of Black Americans who have been shot in the U.S. following police involvement.

The MLB games posponed were: Reds at Brewers, Mariners at Padres and Dodgers at Giants.

MLB in a statement said: “Given the pain in the communities of Wisconsin and beyond following the shooting of Jacob Blake, we respect the decisions of a number of players not to play tonight. Major League Baseball remains united for change in our society and we will be allies in the fight to end racism and injustice.”

Is there nothing sacred to the radical leftists in this country? The simple answer, of course, is no. Infiltration and brainwashing via narrative spinning has been the strategy they’ve employed since the very beginning. All they care about is getting people on board with their causes. They use social pressure and shaming as a means of forcing you into groupthink so that they can get what they want, which is the relinquishment of power from the citizenry.

Check out what ESPN wrote about this move by the MLB:

Dodgers star Mookie Betts, who is Black, told his teammates he was sitting out and they backed him.

“For me, I think no matter what, I wasn’t going to play tonight,” Betts said.

“I have to use my platform to at least get the ball rolling,” he said.

All three postponed games will be made up as doubleheaders Thursday. There is the possibility, too, that other games around the majors could be affected on Thursday — one day before MLB is set to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day, which was postponed from April by the coronavirus pandemic.

Once Betts made his decision, the Dodgers stood by him, ace Clayton Kershaw said.

“More than anything as a teammate of Mookie’s, as a member of this team … as a white player on this team is how do we show support? What’s something tangible that we can do to help our Black brothers on this team?” Kershaw said.

Other MLB games had finished, were in progress or just about to start as the announcements were made.

The baseball postponements came after the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks didn’t come out onto the floor for Game 5 of their first-round playoff series with the Orlando Magic on Wednesday afternoon at Lake Buena Vista, Florida. NBA officials later announced that all three of the day’s scheduled playoff games had been postponed.

Well, folks. Guess sports are being flushed down the toilet along with movies, novels, comics, and every other form of entertainment the left has managed to totally ruin with their propaganda.

Perhaps conservatives need to just reject this culture, separate, and create their own? Seems like it is time.