Radical Jamele Hill Actually Thinks The US Is Worse Than Nazi Germany. Really? This Is Sick.

(Tea Party 247) – We’re used to insulting, leftist garbage from former ESPN host and current Atlantic writer Jamele Hill, but this is outrageous even for her.

Can you even imagine what survivors of the Holocaust must think about snobby, leftist elitists who think that their progressive grievances with a free, republican society compare to being rounded up, placed in camps, and gassed to death?!

This is beyond sick.

Hill actually just said that those who think the US isn’t “nearly as bad as Nazi Germany,” are wrong.

No, seriously.

This came after reading a book called Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson, which one can already imagine is full of insane falsities.

The book, Breitbart notes, compares the Jim Crow system in the South to a caste system, a fair comparison that is utterly irrelevant 50 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act which ended the unconstitutional system of segregation.

Wilkerson asserts that “every aspect of life was so tightly controlled and scripted and restricted that race was an insufficient term to capture the depth and organized repression that people were living under.”

According to NPR:

Wilkerson’s argument is based on an exploration of what she names the three resonant caste systems in history: the Indian caste system, the Nazi caste system and the American caste system — which the Nazis researched when creating their own. ‘There were no other models for miscegenation law that the Nazis could find in the world,” Wilkerson writes, citing Yale legal historian James Q. Whitman as evidence: ”Their overwhelming interest was in the ‘classic example,’ the United States of America.’

Wilkerson supports her analysis with an immense compendium of documented research that spans centuries. Through her detailed historical research, she unearths evidence that the violence toward Blacks that the American caste system espoused was too much even for the Nazis; they balked at replicating some of the more horrific acts of American racism toward Blacks. ‘[Herbert] Kier was just one of several Nazi researchers who thought American law went overboard,’ Wilkerson writes, while others, like Hans F. K. Günter, thought the American laws so outrageous as to be untrue.

Breitbart notes:

This “compendium of documented research” appears to be what prompted Hill to write her tweet. The irony of using a platform that the Nazi’s would never have allowed to attack her nation in a way that the Nazi’s never would have tolerated, is something apparently lost on her.

This is not the first time that Hill has likened the American people, or its leaders, to racists. In August of 2019, Hill doubled-down on an earlier accusation by claiming that President trump has been and still is, a white supremacist. More recently, the former ESPN host said that anyone who votes for Trump in 2020 is a racist.