Red Bull Gives You Wings And Here’s Why You Need To Stock Up On The Iconic Energy Drink

(Tea Party 247) – While “Pride” month rages on in spite of the scamdemic, take comfort in knowing that not every company in America is competing to be the most “woke.” Recently, Red Bull took a bold stand against the radical leftist agenda and domestic terrorism with the firing of two “diversity directors” who were aggressively pushing the company to support Black Lives Matter. They also dissolved several “culture teams” who were pressuring Red Bull to take a more zealously “woke” political stance.

Summit News has the details:

Stefan Kozak, its North America chief executive, and Amy Taylor, its North America president and chief marketing officer, have both left the Austrian drinks company after they tried to create a schism within the business about its supposed “inaction on the Black Lives Matter movement.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Ms. Taylor had been working on diversity and inclusion efforts within the company with Mr. Kozak’s support for several years but was met with opposition when she began advocating for Red Bull to be more overt in its support of racial justice in the last month, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Citing insiders, the Business Insider reports that the firings were a retaliation against efforts by Kozak and Taylor to create internal tension around “diversity issues” and pressure the company to make more diversity hires.

Red Bull also “cut or dissolved entertainment and culture teams in Canada, the UK, and Austria and canceled most of its major cultural events.” According to employees, these “culture teams” were “the most vocal about racial justice matters” and were therefore fired as a punishment for trying to force Red Bull into a political direction it didn’t want to take.

The firings are unsurprising given that Red Bell is owned by 76-year-old billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz who has previously spoken out against political correctness and showed sympathy for Donald Trump.

Mateschitz also previously criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for encouraging over a million “refugees” to flood into Germany at the height of the migrant crisis.

“Red Bull has just shown the way forward for all who want to prevent a total Marxist-style takeover of business and government in America,” Revolver News observed. They went on to say, “Have you ever heard of the phrase, “get woke, go broke?” It turns out there is a simple way to prevent this, and it involves firing people indiscriminately, until the rest of the employees realize that the only way they are going to be able to keep their jobs is by being professional, and keeping their kook politics out of the workplace.”

If only American companies took note. Aggressively pushing the leftist agenda and supporting domestic terrorists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter turns off consumers. Companies who take an unapologetically patriotic stance end up getting the payoff as conservatives will go out of their way to support and show appreciation for companies who refuse to alienate them with politics, the most recent example of this being Goya.

Now, it’s time to stock up on Red Bull.