Remember When Michelle Obama Gushed Over Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein? Well, That Video Is Now Making A Comeback…

(Tea Party 247) – Former first lady Michelle Obama made quite a splash during the kickoff of the Democratic National Convention on Monday evening, delivering a speech that was full of scathing remarks and assaults on the presidency and personal character of Donald Trump.

This, of course, earned her high praise among many on the left, especially Hollywood elites and puppets of the Democratic Party. These same individuals, the so-called “influencers” of our culture, are the ones who for several years now have claimed there is a war on women by conservatives and have championed the #MeToo movement to listen to all women who claim they are victims of sexual assault.

Which is what makes a resurfaced video of Michelle Obama giving heavy praise to convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein all the more relevant. The video is from 2013 and features Obama calling Weinstein a “wonderful human being.”

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

The video, which was tweeted by conservative actor James Woods to his 2.5 million followers, features the first lady hosting what appears to be a White House film symposium that the disgraced movie mogul organized.

“Beautiful endorsement tonight. She’s a great judge of character, so please be kind. No trolling. Oh, wait…” Woods wrote in the post.

Actress, comedienne, and co-host of ABC’s “The View,” Whoopie Goldberg was also seen in the video clip clapping heartily when Obama thanked Weinstein for mentoring film students.

“He is a wonderful human being, a good friend and just a powerhouse,” Obama said.

In a subsequent post, Woods chastised people for mischaracterizing the former first lady’s gender.

“Ridiculing #MichelleObama as a ‘transgender’ is ludicrous and counterproductive. More importantly it erodes legitimate attacks on her loathesome [sic] past embrace of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton and other Democrat rapists and child sex traffickers,” he wrote.

Woods couldn’t be more right about the whole Michelle Obama is a secret transgender thing. Saying stuff like this is what makes everyone think we’re all crazy conspiracy theorists with more than a few screws loose. As the actor said, there are plenty of opportunities to attack these “influencers” based on the people and policies they support without getting personal or nutty with it. Stay focused on the mission.

Weinstein had organized a Careers in Film symposium that was hosted by the Obama White House. In addition to Goldberg, actresses Naomie Harris and Blake Lively, along with filmmakers David Frankel and Ryan Coogler, also attended, the Daily Mail reported.

Woods posted the clip after Obama gave an address to the DNC as the party launched the event on Monday.

But the clip has surfaced before. In 2017, as Weinstein reached at least eight legal settlements with women who accused him of sexual harassment, Fox News aired it as well.

“It’s like supporting someone ‘against your own voice’ but he’s a Hollywood liberal so it’s all good,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted at the time.

Weinstein reportedly visited President Obama a number of times during his two terms.

In January, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for raping a woman in 2013, while forcing another to perform oral sex in 2006.

The co-founder of Miramax has long been a Democrat donor. Since the 1990s, he gave more than $75,000 to Democratic politicians including former President Bill Clinton and more than $26,000 to political action committees supporting his wife’s presidential bids.

Weinstein also donated more than $45,000 to PACS that supported former President Obama during both of his presidential bids.

As you can see, the optics for this aren’t very good.

The Obamas also used their Hollywood connection with Weinstein to get daughter Malia Obama an internship with his film company, Miramax. This, of course, was widely criticized since it happened in 2017, right when the credible allegations against the mogul were coming to light.

It’s hard to imagine why anyone in their right mind would then go on to listen to anything the former first lady has to say, given how poor her judgment is when it comes to the company she keeps.

Obama is slamming Trump as being immoral and not the kind of person fit to be president. All of this while sending her daughter off to work with a man who at this point had a well established reputation for strong arming women to give him sexual favors. I think that makes any point they might have null and void.