Riots In Portland Have Ended After 93 Straight Nights Of Violence…But Why?

(Tea Party 247) – Antifa and Black Lives Matter hate groups have been terrorizing Portland for over three months now. This violence has been watched by the entire country, including the FBI. Recent reports suggest that the FBI’s Portland branch has begun actively investigating the BLM and Antifa extremist terror groups and, just like that, it appears the city has been granted a reprieve from the violence.

After 93 straight nights of violence and rioting, it looks like the domestic terrorist organizations that have been hell-bent on burning the city down and attacking police, have suddenly thrown in the towel.

Have they all simply bussed over to Kenosha to get in on the action there? Have they been ordered to stop from the Democrats whose failed condemnation of the violence has hurt their poll numbers? Or have they started to feel the heat from the FBI?

It’s likely a combination of all three. Reporter Andy Ngo, who’s been on the ground in Portland for the last three months, tweeted speculation about the possibility of the FBI scaring off the hate groups:

“It looks like there was no late-night violent protest or riot in Portland for the first time in 93 days. Something is off. Antifa wouldn’t just stop. Could it because they’re terrified after hearing that @FBIPortland is stepping up its investigations?”

“Portland, Oregon’s FBI chief said Wednesday he is shifting the agency’s resources to focus more heavily on the nightly [extremist riots] in Oregon’s largest city that often end in vandalism, clashes with local police and dozens of arrests,” the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

“Special Agent in Charge Renn Cannon said he is pulling agents from fraud and organized crime teams to focus on ‘acts of violence and federal crimes’ committed during nearly three months of unrest.”

“We do investigate major threats of violence and federal crimes. And sometimes a major threat of violence is a cumulative threat that happens over a period of time. It starts to have a really negative impact on the community,” Cannon said to the AP.

“Here in Portland, we’re … making the assessment that we should be trying to do a little more than we have, because the cumulative effects and the nature of the problem indicate that the community needs help.”

The report came a day after the FBI’s Portland branch issued a PSO asking for information on the dangerous left-wing extremists pictured below:

BizPac Review has more:

According to Ngo, the extremists reacted negatively to the post, with one particularly disturbed one complaining on Twitter about federal authorities seeking “to prosecute BIPOC folks for breaking windows.”

BIPOC is a racist acronym invented by white liberals and used to classify anyone who is black, indigenous or a “person of color.”

Look at a snapshot of the tweet below:

BLM and Antifa extremists believe that the perceived grievances of some black people entitle them, the extremists — many of whom are white, ironically enough — to hurt other people, be it by vandalizing their property, assaulting them or killing them.

Like one BLM extremist proudly told Fox News host Martha MacCallum two months ago. “I just want black liberation and black sovereignty — by any means necessary.”

And “by any means necessary,” he meant literally ANY means.

Yet like most extremists, BLM and Antifa extremists dabble in great hypocrisy, because though they feel they’re entitled to obtain their sick brand of justice “by any means necessary,” they oppose federal authorities seeking real justice via the same method.

Speaking with local station KGW on Thursday, Cannon confirmed that the department is intensifying their look into the extremist Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups and said that his agents employ social media footage and content in tracking down and identifying extremists.

“We can go and look at open source publicly posted information on the internet. We pay attention to the news just like anybody else and we pay attention to all that. This is a different environment with all the social media,” he said.

“So if it’s publicly posted, we can take a look at it and we go through the internet. When there’s a predication, a reason to do so, we take a look and try and figure out who did the crime.”

Of course, Antifa and BLM don’t like the police using actual video footage of their extremist members committing crimes. Is that why they’ve gone silent in Portland?

We think they’ve likely just moved on to Kenosha.