Rome Sees Surge Of Arson Attacks And The Culprits And Motives Prove Why Open Borders Are A Bad Thing

(Tea Party 247) – Illegal immigration has become a real problem plaguing much of the first-world but particularly Europe thanks to progressive politicians and their push for no borders and a one world government. Europe is not a far journey for African and Middle Eastern migrants and those who are moving illegally are not doing so as “refugees” but rather as criminals looking to capitalize on the wealth of European countries.

Thanks to the progressive immigration policies of many European countries, illegal immigrants are even coming from as far as South America to get in on the opportunity to make money. Massive African and South American criminal enterprises have moved and set up shop in many major European cities, like Rome, where a series of arson attacks are being attributed to turf wars between South American, homosexual male prostitutes.

More from Breitbart:

All of the arson attacks have taken place at the Appian Way Regional Park, a massive 3,400-hectare common and the largest urban park in all of Europe.

The latest fire attack took place on Tuesday and saw 48-year-old Guatemalan migrant Carlos Alfredo Bendfeldt arrested after allegedly setting fires at several different points within the park.

Authorities found lighters and other materials used to set fires along with a bag full of condoms, fueling speculation that he was also a prostitute working in the area, Il Giornale reports.

The management of the Appia Antica Regional Park have complained to the police about the arson incidents since mid-June, and the fires have even reportedly interfered with the local rail network.

For the last month, Carabinieri officers have been placed in various areas of the park to monitor and prevent fresh attacks. Il Giornale says the attacks could affect the archaeological sites and ancient buildings located in the park that date back to the Ancient Roman period.

One of the big reasons why mass immigration is really not a good thing is because migrants, especially ones that come illegally, generally just do not care about or have as much regard for the culture or history of the countries they move to. Historical sites mean nothing to them. They don’t care to protect Italy’s culture, for example, like Italians do and it isn’t right to force Italians to surrender their love of their own culture and history just so Italy can be “diverse” and “woke.”

The mass migration of criminals is also causing crime rates to skyrocket. Italy has had a massive problem with migrants being forced into prostitution in recent years, particularly Nigerian women who are smuggled in by the vicious Nigerian mafia.

Breitbart continues:

Last year, it was revealed that Nigerian mafia gangs operating in Italy were forcing girls as young as 12 into prostitution.

A 15-year-old who escaped the mafia told Italian investigators that older women in the group, often former prostitutes themselves, would control them, and the gangs would smuggle the young girls into the country illegally.

In early December 2019, police from several European countries, including Italy, the UK, and France, busted a Nigerian mafia network accused of people-trafficking, drug dealing, and extortion.

Illegal immigration perpetuates crime. It’s time for people to wake up and vote progressives out of office everywhere. The left does not care about anything except power and global domination.