“Save A Life, Hang A Cop” Seattle Under Siege From Rioters Again

(Tea Party 247) – Yet again black-clad anarchists are targeting police officers in Seattle to evoke a reaction and claim persecution.

This isn’t “protest.”

Why does the mainstream media keep calling it that?

This is an insurgency, and local leaders are not only completely inactive in their response, they’re practically complicit!

On Saturday night, rioters were arrested after breaking glass and allegedly tossing an explosive at police officers.

Rioters around the nation this summer have been targeting police officers, often using militant tactics like forming a barrier behind shields from which to hurl harmful objects or even explosives at police officers.

This is not protected by the First Amendment.

This is not protesting.

Breitbart reports that, according to Q13, the would-be rioters had “gathered around Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill around 9 p.m.”

Things quickly escalated, and they began destroying property.

Fox News reported that the windows of a Starbucks coffee shop were smashed and buildings spray-painted with their political messages.

They allegedly threw explosives twice.

One such device was allegedly tossed into the Starbucks while the other was hurled at police officers.

Guess what one of the spray-painted messages said?

“Save a Life, Hang a Cop.”

KIRO 7 had reported that police declared the gathering to be an “unlawful assembly.”

As in, the kind not protected by the First Amendment, of course.

Officers then arrested 16 people for offenses such as “property destruction, assault, failure to disperse and rendering criminal assistance.”

Do not be deceived by the biased coverage of the mainstream media.

There is nothing “peaceful” about these “protests.”

Featured image credit: @SeattlePD