Schumer Makes Threat About Filibuster If They Win Big In The Senate This November; Here’s What He Said.

(Tea Party 247) – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has stated that if the Democrats are able to take the majority back in the Senate, there’s a very strong likelihood that they will eliminate the legislative filibuster, something that would be devastating in our fight against the left pushing for pieces of legislation that could potentially harm the future of our country.

Radical Democrats are doing their best to transform this country into a European socialist nightmare, despite the fact that doing so will devastate our communities and deplete our nation of power and influence around the globe.

Here’s more from Townhall:

“We have a moral imperative to the people of America to get a whole lot done if we get the majority, which, God willing, we will, and keep it in the House, and Biden becomes president, and nothing is off the table,” Sen. Schumer said, via Roll Call. “We will do what it takes to get this done…some Republicans might work with us. But we’re going to have to get it done, whether they work with us or not.”

Before officially accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, Joe Biden also said that he would favor scrapping the filibuster if necessary.

The elimination of the legislative filibuster would give a Democratic majority in the upper chamber the power to expedite a Biden agenda by a simple majority, as NRSC Chairman Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) pointed out after Sen. Schumer did not take the option off the table:

We need every single tool and weapon at our disposal to combat the leftist agenda, and if Trump fails to get reelected, this particular step would enable them to put massive pieces of infrastructure in place that would destroy our way of life. And there wouldn’t be a whole lot we could do about it.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Democrats eliminated a filibuster threshold in 2013, under the leadership of former Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and the move backfired on the party when Republicans took back the majority. Reid’s move to lower the threshold to overcome a filibuster, invoking the “nuclear option,” allowed Republicans to confirm a record number of judges to the federal bench and two justices on the Supreme Court by a simple majority.

Sen. Schumer’s openness to eliminating the legislative filibuster is a partisan power grab, and makes his commitment to pushing a left-wing agenda through the upper chamber abundantly clear.

Folks, make sure you get out and vote this November. And when you pull that lever, do so with preserving our freedom in mind. Patriots who live in every single community are the last line of defense for the principles of liberty. We must actively participate in the election. And we must also push for in-person voting. To allow mail-in voting is to open up our election system to the very real threat of tampering.