Seattle Radio Host Mocks Trumpís Reaction To Protests; Now Look What Heís Saying After Starbuck Below His Apartment Gets Destroyed

(Tea Party 247) – There’s just something oh so sweet about witnessing an opponent of President Trump’s, someone who ruthlessly mocks him every opportunity they are given, be faced with the stark reality of how the world actually works. Most often, people like this end up changing their tune and look like total clowns, which also carries with it a certain satisfaction.

This is precisely what has happened to Seattle radio host Paul Gallant. Gallant mocked President Trump’s response back in June over the violent protests in his city, stating that anarchists were burning and pillaging Seattle. You know, it’s easy to just go along with the flow of the mainstream media narrative and not think for yourself.

Well, Gallant is doing a different song and dance after the Starbucks below his apartment got completely annihilated. Now he’s ready to exercise his Second Amendment rights and buy a gun.

My how the tables have turned.

Here’s more from Newswars:

“I feel like I need to buy a firearm because this is clearly going to keep happening,” Gallant said Saturday night on Twitter after coming home to see the Starbucks coffeeshop below his apartment complex “destroyed” by vandals. “Enough is enough. It looks like a block party down the street from me. Really angry right now.”

The reaction stood in stark contrast to last month, when Trump complained that Seattle’s mayor was allowing violent protesters to take over the city. “These liberal Dems don’t have a clue,” the president said. “The terrorists burn and pillage our cities, and they think it’s just wonderful, even the death.”

Gallant, who co-hosts the ‘Danny & Gallant’show on Seattle’s ESPN radio affiliate, tweeted in response: “Walked through it last night out of curiosity and saw no burning, pillaging or deaths. Chill dawg.”

Came home to my apartment complex. The Starbucks underneath has been destroyed, and cops are telling us to stay away in case something explosive is inside.

Gallant said last night that police had advised residents to stay away from his apartment building because explosives could be inside the damaged Starbucks. He posted pictures of the damage, saying, “Great job a—holes,” and noted that he’d also seen a fire a few blocks away. “Zero clue what’s going on, but the cat and I are going to find out.”

The turnabout didn’t go unnoticed, as conservatives ridiculed Gallant for his earlier view, tweeting messages such as “Just chill dawg,” and “Huh, maybe Trump was right.” Jason Rantz, another Seattle radio host, said, “Guess we’re finally doing that field trip we discussed.”

It’s pure and utter insanity to somehow think this sort of activity is an acceptable form of protest. Truly, it blows the mind. Leftists really do believe that they can affect change by destroying their own cities. Isn’t that an act of terrorism? The change they are trying to force is political in nature and they are using violence as coercion to make it happen. Sounds like terrorism.

Gallant just had his eyes opened in a major way. The real question is what he’s going to do with that new perspective. Is he going to continue pushing the leftist agenda with Black Lives Matter because he’s a good lap dog? Or will he stand up for what is right and condemn this nonsense?

Gallant acknowledged the humor: “Woke up to a bunch of people tweeting ‘chill dawg’ at me. I laughed.” He said he stood by his earlier statement, as he had walked through the CHAZ autonomous zone created by anarchists and found it to be less bad than it was portrayed. “Then burning and pillaging actually happened,” he said. “Classic.”

President Trump was right on the money about what was going down in Seattle. This fellow learned this truth the hard way. It’s sad to see so many folks on board with this kind of behavior, allowing individuals to just skate by with committing major crimes that are destroying people’s jobs and livelihoods. Horrific.