“Shocking” Details Emerge In European Human Smuggling Case But It Goes So Much Deeper…

(Tea Party 247) – While Americans are distracted with the election coming and leftists having full-blown tantrums daily, in other parts of the world there are massive efforts to illegally smuggle humans and even espionage occurring. As Infowars reported last week, there has been a total of 35 foreign nationals, including 33 people working for non-government organizations (NGOs), rounded up as a result of an extensive probe conducted by Greek intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies to uncover intricate underground networks that have been used to traffic thousands of illegal immigrants into Europe.

Four NGOs have been implicated in the criminal enterprise with locations in Germany, Austria, and Norway.

“According to the case file prepared by the Greek authorities, the role of an Austrian and a Norwegian citizen, who have been living on the shores of Turkey for the last two years and coordinating the illegal migratory flows to our country, is fully clarified,” reports Greek outlet NewsIt, which called the latest information “shocking.”

Infowars has more on this story:

The report indicates the aforementioned NGO operatives coordinated with colleagues and migrants located on Greek islands – particularly Lesvos – in a sophisticated network which may have helped move thousands of illegal aliens onward from Turkey to European soil.

Authorities believe the smugglers may have gained access to closed Turkish government websites and communications via stolen passcodes, using information about the movements of Greek and FRONTEX naval patrols to set up launch points and routes for migrants and traffickers.

Evidence found aboard an NGO boat indicates the workers used signals and channels to provide “information from the ship’s business phone to the migrants on the Turkish coast,” as well as “data on migration flows, maps with natural ports in Chios, Lesvos and Samos, maps with starting points of migrants from Turkey.”

The smugglers are also believed to have both intercepted and interfered with transmissions between Greek border patrols.

Instructions were reportedly provided to migrants about how to use the AlarmPhone website to navigate guidance points to the natural ports of Lesvos and also to provide key information to NGO operatives.

Citizen journalists in Greece believe they intercepted video of migrants using the system to request a ‘rescue’ at sea earlier this year.

Migrants were allegedly recruited to report on the positions of Greek and Turkish police and coast guard vessels and to take photos of the ports they were known to use. The migrants were asked to recruit other migrants and given instructional leaflets to distribute to them.

The NGOs may have also played a role in instigating recent unrest and ensuing arson fires which almost completely destroyed the overcrowded Moria camp on Lesvos, ultimately displacing over 12,000 migrants who had been living there.

Many of the migrants staying at Lesvos are now being relocated to other nations on the European mainland.

This is what happens when nations go soft on border control thanks to progressive, bleeding-heart immigration policies. Europe has fallen to shambles over the recent years and that can be directly related to the massive influx of migrants. Many of these migrants have been legally welcomed with open arms by progressive lawmakers but many still come illegally.

It doesn’t seem to matter, however, how the migrants enter. The civil unrest, rise in violent crimes and arson, and the decaying of some of the oldest and most historic cities in Europe can be directly attributed to the migration of thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa.

If Joe Biden wins the election November 3rd, you can expect America to face the same fate.

Featured image credit: International Federation of Red Cross – flickr.com/photos/ifrc/20921696859/