Shocking Video Emerges From American Airport Showing Violent Attack On White Couple. Guess Who The Assailants Are….

(Tea Party 247) – Now that “black lives matter” it seems that some black people feel they possess the right to be violent, hateful, and downright racist towards white people with impunity. I mean, it’d probably be considered racist to hold black people accountable for violent behavior in 21st century woke America. So, instead, what we now have are what seems like daily videos going viral depicting angry black mobs viciously attacking white people. Usually white people who are greatly outnumbered, to boot.

One of the most recent incidents was recorded in an unidentified airport and shows a mob of incensed black women savagely beating a white couple. At one point, airport security can be seen standing by using their phones to record the incident instead of intervening and at the end of the video the white man is seen desperately trying to protect his girlfriend as the mob attempts to do everything they can to get to her and “kick her in the head.”

Summit News has the report:

The clip begins with a young white woman involved in a verbal spat with a group of young black women. The white girl smacks her own backside as the black girls yell violent threats.

The video then cuts to a disturbing scene of the boyfriend on top of the luggage belt desperately trying to shield his girlfriend from an attack as the mob tries to beat her.

The black women punch the young man in the head while trying to drag him away so they can get to the girl.

Respondents pointed out that airport employees appeared to be standing around doing nothing to intervene, with one even stood recording on their phone.

The clip then shows the young man trying to reason with the mob as he stands in front of his girlfriend.

The video ends with the young man lying on the floor trying to protect his girlfriend’s head as the mob reigns down more kicks and punches.

“This is SICK,” tweeted Jessica Fletcher. “Watch the man lay on top of his white girlfriend to protect her from being kicked in the head by a group of black women. I’ve predictably seen no national media cover this.”

“It’s cowardice. Do not call it otherwise. A man is protecting his woman, NOT hitting his female attackers who are in fact, cowards. the man is a hero putting his body in danger,” said another Twitter user.

“Always in a pack. It’s always 5 on 1. Just a bunch of cowards,” noted another.

What’s even more disturbing is that this is not the only violent incident to occur in an American airport this week. Another incident involving black assailants has also gone viral. That video, however, features an angry mob of black people viciously going after Spirit Airlines employees at Fort Lauderdale International Airport after a flight to Philadelphia was delayed. The attack was complete with bottles and other objects being used as projectiles.

Apparently it’s racist to hold black people accountable for their behavior but totally OK for black people to viciously attack white people. This is 21st century woke America, folks.