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Far-Left Lincoln Project Tweets, Deletes Sick Insult At Kayleigh McEnany

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WHO Director-General Reveals True Ambitions Behind Pushing Coronavirus Pandemic

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New SCHOOL Act Proposal Would Ensure Federal Funds “Follows The Child, Not The System”

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WH Reporter Proves Just How Low-Down Leftists Really Are With This Shameful Tweet After Robert Trump’s Funeral

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Sen. Ron Johnson Makes Major Accusation Against Gary Peters Involving Subpoena For Ex-Diplomat With Ties To Christopher Steele

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Schumer Makes Threat About Filibuster If They Win Big In The Senate This November; Here’s What He Said.

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Facebook Is Banning Groups That Promote Violence; Who They Threw Under The Bus Will Make Liberals Furious

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Go Woke, Go Broke: What Goodyear Banned From Their Attire Proves That They Are Just Pawns For Political Correctness

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Remember When Michelle Obama Gushed Over Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein? Well, That Video Is Now Making A Comeback…

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Traitor: Did Hillary Clinton Just Defend China Against Her Own Country?

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4Chan Identifies Murderous Thug Who Pulled Man From Car, Viciously Beat Him

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Sick: Just After #WrongTrump Trended, Leftists Respond To #Limbaugh Trending With No Class

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