Statue Of This Celebrated Historical Figure Meets Untimely Demise At The Hands Of Unhinged Protesters

(Tea Party 247) – For the last two weeks, our nation has been under the oppression of very loud, very angry, and increasingly violent protesters who demand justice over the death of George Floyd and centuries of systemic racism.

While the man who killed George Floyd, a Minneapolis police officer who has been fired and charged with Floyd’s murder, will indeed face justice and slavery was abolished 150 years ago and Jim Crow 60 years ago, for some reason, no one is satisfied.

While everyone from major American corporations to your favorite mom blogger or fashion influencer is denouncing racism, the protesters continue to rage.

The general consensus of the vast majority of the American public is that racism and police brutality are both bad and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who still supports slavery in the United States (you could try Saudi Arabia or India, but I digress).

Nonetheless, these far-left activists are not happy.

Why? Because it isn’t really white supremacy or racism they want to combat.

It’s the entire structure of Western society, history, and civilization.

This is actual fascism.

In Richmond, Virginia, protesters tore down a statue of the explorer Christoper Columbus before they set it on fire and threw it into a lake Tuesday evening.

Just the News reports:

Protestors gathered in Richmond’s Byrd Park, apparently in objection to the statue, on Tuesday evening. Shortly after they de-platformed the statue, they hung a sign across the foundation that reads, “Columbus represents genocide.”

“We have to start with the people who stood first on this land,” activist Chelsea Higgs-Wise told a crowd gathered in the park earlier in the day. She spoke about the struggles of African-American and indigenous people in America.

The statue, which was owned by the city, was dedicated in December of 1927. It was reportedly the first statue of Christopher Columbus ever erected in the American South.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian sailor who was commissioned by the Spanish government to find an alternative route to the far East.

He is credited with discovering the American continents when he ran into the Caribbean, which he believed to be India.

Tearing down his statue is not only reckless and criminal, it’s stupid. He has nothing to do with the protesters’ professed grievances.