Tanzanian President Makes This Coronavirus Declaration After Nation Observes “Three Days Of Prayer”

(Tea Party 247) – There’s at least one country who is not playing the global pandemic game and that’s Tanzania. Several weeks ago, Tanzania claimed to have sent samples in to the World Health Organization for coronavirus testing. When all three samples came back with positive results, the Tanzania President John Magufuli reportedly revealed that they had, in fact, sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya, and a pheasant.

This little trick revealed the WHO to be deceptive in their testing and reporting on the virus and therefore Magufuli saw it fit to kick the WHO out of Tanzania. The WHO has not addressed this incident, however, but we don’t doubt it.

Now, Magufuli is insisting that Tanzania is coronavirus-free after three days of prayer.

ZeroHedge reports:

Tanzania’s number of COVID-19 cases has been stuck at 509 for six weeks as the country stopped updating its numbers. Opposition politicians claim the true number is closer to 10k.

Magufuli has accused his opponents of exaggerating the impact of the virus as part of a conspiracy to drive him from power. But like Zika before it, the coronavirus has come and gone, he said, vanquished during ‘three days of prayer’.

“When I came to power they said we have cases of the Zika virus and I fired the person who announced that … Since I fired him five years ago, Tanzania has not had cases of Zika,” Magufuli said at a teachers’ conference Friday in the capital, Dodoma.

“Then they said we have Ebola knowing that tourists will not come to a country which has Ebola and people will not work here if there is Ebola,” he said, adding that no one had died of that virus.

“Now we have corona. They said bodies will be lying on streets in Africa. But they did not know God loves Tanzania,” Magufuli said. “We prayed for three days and the coronavirus is finished.”

Opposition lawmakers meanwhile have accused the president of “de-congesting” hospitals to make the problem seem less serious.

This seems to be the extreme other end of the global pandemic that is the coronavirus. While many countries have allowed leaders to enact draconian lockdown orders in the name of health safety it looks like Magufuli is refusing to play the game, at all.

Is the coronavirus real? Yes. Is it as dangerous, deadly, and severe as the media has made the world believe? Definitely not. Are the regulations in place to “protect” the public justified? Not if we want to maintain freedom and liberty, which evidently many Americans are fine with conceding.

Is the coronavirus really eradicated from Tanzania because of three days of prayer? Highly doubtful but life is still going on and the people are not cowering in fear of a virus that the vast majority of people recover from.

Also, it seems rather telling that, if true, the WHO would say the samples from Tanzania were positive when they weren’t even of human origin. Did Magufuli expose something much darker and more sinister going on with the coronavirus? Have we all been duped?