Tensions Are Mounting Again In Hong Kong As China Sets To Make This Big Move Towards Taking Full Control

(Tea Party 247) – Chinese authorities will stop at nothing to take back Hong Kong. Now authorities are planning to write the country’s national security law into Hong Kong’s charter that would mark a dramatic escalation to restrain protestors and dissent in the city.

China’s lawmakers, that are aligned with and do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party, were getting ready to pass a measure in their upcoming session that would force the former British colony to enact a “new Hong Kong versions” of the national law.

Newsmax reports:

The newly appointed director of China’s cabinet-level Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, Xia Baolong, is set to outline Beijing’s latest directives to numerous city officials, HKO1 reported earlier. The National People’s Congress will hold a news briefing at 9:40 p.m. Thursday, ahead of opening session on Friday.

“This is them saying, ‘I am calling the shots. I am setting the parameters. Resistance is futile,’” said Joseph Cheng, a retired political science professor and veteran pro-democracy activist. “It’s part of their approach of no concessions, no dialogue.”

Earlier, pro-Beijing figures including Chan Man-ki and Ng Chau-pei, both Hong Kong deputies to the National People’s Congress, had said they would propose such measures by bypassing the city’s Legislative Council. The laws — including banning treason, sedition and secession — are vigorously opposed by pro-democracy politicians and have sparked mass protests in the past.

The national security laws are required to eventually be passed by Article 23 of the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s mini-constitution. But successive governments have failed to pass them, with the latest effort in 2003 resulting in widespread street demonstrations.

An attempt to pass security laws now could reignite street protests that hammered the city’s economy last year and serve as a flash point amid broader U.S.-China tensions. The unrest dwindled only when the global pandemic put a stop to mass gatherings.

“It’s worrying, but I’m not surprised,” said Claudia Mo, an opposition lawmaker. “It really depends on how impatient Beijing has become with Hong Kong. The powers that be up north know perfectly well that such a move might just be considered savage, and there might be some heavy price to pay internationally.”

The proposal from the Hong Kong NPC delegates suggests passing the same security laws by using Article 18, which permits the national legislature to pass laws relating to defense or foreign affairs if, among other things, it believes there is “turmoil within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region which endangers national unity or security and is beyond the control of the government” or a state of emergency.

Last year, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam ignited unprecedented unrest and dissent in the city after her extradition bill was introduced. This week, Lam said she viewed national security laws as an “important constitutional requirement for the government” that was needed in light of the “violence and near terrorist acts” of protestors.

That is what oppressive regimes do. They label anyone who dissents or fights for their rights and freedoms as “terrorists.” The same thing is being done here in the US as protestors take to state capitol buildings to protest the draconian and unconstitutional lockdown orders that have utterly destroyed our economy.

Hong Kongers are truly in the fight for their lives. If Beijing succeeds in gaining full control of Hong Kong that will mark the official end of what little democracy was left in China.