Texas: Officer-Involved Shooting Turns To Hostage Situation. Here’s What Went Down

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, three Cedar Park, Texas police officers responded to a call and found themselves locked in a hostage situation after a suspect barricaded himself inside a home.

Police said during a press conference on Sunday reported on by CNN that a woman had called saying her son “had kicked in the door and was acting very aggressive.”

All three of the officers that had been shot by the suspect were admitted to hospitals. They are in stable condition.

From assistant police chief Mike Harmon:

The suspect, who was not identified, took three hostages.

Two of these hostages have since been released as of Monday morning, Cedar Park Police tweeted out.

The officers who originally responded to the call were reportedly “met with gunfire.” They fired back. It is not known if the suspect was shot, Harmon explained at the press conference, CNN reported.

The Daily Caller notes as of Monday morning:

The standoff is still ongoing and police have contacted the barricaded suspect in order to facilitate a “peaceful resolution.”

“It’s our goal to bring this to a peaceful resolution, as everybody knows,” Harmon said, according to CNN. “We don’t want to see anybody else getting hurt.”

Video: Cedar Park police give update on hostage situation