The End Is Nigh: Zuckerberg Speaks Truth While Other Big Tech CEO’s Go Soft On China Thievery

(Tea Party 247) – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg does not have a very well respected reputation among the vast majority of American citizens, something that is largely his own doing for opting to try and censor the opinions of conservatives across the country. People don’t trust the man, and there’s plenty of justification for taking that particular stance with him.

However, it seems that when it comes to being loyal to China, we don’t have to worry about Zuck too much at all. Other Big Tech CEOs, however, are a bit more open to the communist nation.

I know, I know.

It’s a tall order to ask you all to trust Zuckerberg. And you probably still shouldn’t. But what he said at a hearing on Wednesday should help assuage that just a bit.

Here’s more from Red State:

During the congressional hearing on Wednesday, Republican Rep. Greg Steube asked the four tech giants in attendance whether or not China was stealing technology from US companies. They each gave guarded answers, except Zuckerberg.

“Do you believe that the Chinese government steals technology from US companies?” asked Steube.

“I don’t know of specific cases where we have been stolen from by the government,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

He added that “I know of no case [of] ours where it occurred … I can only speak to firsthand knowledge.”

Not a surprising answer from Apple’s CEO, given the fact that a lot of their products are made with slave labor in China, and they were even issued orders from the top to make their original programming on AppleTV+ China-friendly.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pretty much gave the exact same answer as Tim Cook. These individuals are clearly all on board for political correctness, even if it means lying and not standing up for what we know is true. Folks, the people who are not coming out against China and speaking boldly are the type who will do whatever the government tells them to do.

Keep that in mind when you support their companies.

“I have no firsthand knowledge of any information stolen from Google in this regard,” he said.

It should be noted that he backtracked on this answer, citing the cyberattack conducted by China on Google in 2009, which resulted in some of Google’s IP being stolen.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was also careful with his answer, saying that he hadn’t “seen it personally” but did say that China creates “knock-off” products that are posted to his website.

Only Zuckerberg cut straight to the truth.

“I think it’s well documented that the Chinese government steals technology from American companies,” said Zuckerberg.

Wow. Just wow.

We really are in the last days, aren’t we? Mark Zuckerberg has spoken the truth when others were caving into pressure to be politically correct. Guys, I’m telling you, we can’t have many more rotations around the sun left if Zuck is waking up like this.

Now, if only we could get him to stop censoring conservatives on his social media platform that has made him billions of dollars, that would be great.