The Latest MLB Team To Applaud Their Players’ Anthem Kneeling

(Tea Party 247) – Well, this year’s baseball season has been absolutely anything but normal, and as players return to the pitch, they’re making sure to do so with a bang.

Or rather, a kneel.

Earlier this week, several players on the San Francisco Giants opted to kneel during the national anthem, a practice began by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who used to do so during the anthem in a highly controversial “protest” against police brutality.

While legacy media has championed Kaepernick, and the athletes who have followed in his footsteps (knee-dents?), as an admirable civil rights hero, the mediocre sports star has worn socks which showed cops as pigs, donned Che shirts, expressed praise for oppressive former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and supported a charity founded in the name of a cop-killing terrorist who lives in exile in Cuba.

Now, more than ever in the midst of newly-inflamed racial division following the death of George Floyd and the reemergence of Black Lives Matter protests (just in time for another election, like the last time they dominated the headlines–weird!), sports franchises have decided to submit completely to the radical demonstration.

Now, the Cincinnati Reds have gotten in on the trend.

During Tuesday night’s Spring Training tilt against the Detroit Tigers, several players took the knee on the field.

In response, the team’s management tweeted “Black Lives Matter” in support of their players.

“Joey Votto, Amir Garrett, Phillip Ervin and Alex Blandino all knelt during the song,” the Hill reported. “Several other players, including Mike Moustakas, Cody Reed and Sal Romano, stood next to the kneeling players, putting their hands on their shoulders in support.”

Featured image credit: @Reds