The Media Insists Joe Biden Is Beating Trump In The Polls But Check Out These Record-Breaking Facts

(Tea Party 247) – When the lying leftist media tells you Joe Biden is leading in the polls against Trump, don’t believe them. There is a silent majority and the leftist propaganda machine is doing everything they can to make sure we stay silent. The truth is, all arrows point to President Trump winning in a landslide over mentally unfit Biden come November, as long as conservatives get out and vote.

Proving just how popular President Trump is, at the height of the coronavirus scamdemic Trump’s and the White House’s social media profiles surpassed the 200-million-follower mark making them the most followed government duo in the world. President Trump holds the title of the most followed world leader with 83.3 million followers on Trump’s personal Twitter account. That’s just a few more than the 12 million people who follow Joe Biden.

Just The News has more:

The 206 million figure was reached on April 20 and includes 83.8 million on Trump’s personal Twitter account, 30.8 million on the @POTUS Twitter account and 23.9 million on the @WhiteHouse account. The figure also included 30.1 million Facebook followers on the president’s personal account and 10.62 million on the White House account.

On the same date, President Trump had 21 million Instagram followers, and the White House had 6.4 million on the platform.

Trump’s ability to access both his personal brand and White House social media assets illustrate the powers of the bully pulpit that come with incumbency.

The White House also released data comparing Trump’s strong Twitter following with other world leaders and his strong Twitter engagement relative to them.

This all comes as the President is trying to end the unfettered and heavily biased control of information the Big Tech companies currently enjoy. Just the News has more:

As President Trump seeks to remove special exemptions from liability for social media platforms exhibiting political bias, a raft of smaller competitors are rising, promising more freedom of speech than such giants as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. A number of the new entrants in the market are particularly popular among conservative users, many of whom believe they are singled out for censorship by left-leaning tech companies. They include such platforms as Parler and CloutHub.

Last month, Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, who has since been moved to the campaign’s digital team, reacted to Twitter’s decision to attach a “manipulated media” tag to a recent video posted by the president with a tweet reading, “Hey @twitter, your days are numbered,” and linking to a post on his profile.

Thanks to the convenient coronavirus ordeal President Trump has had to put his trademark rallies on hold, no doubt a consequence that was easily foreseen by the left. So much of Trump’s success is in his rallies and his ability to connect with the people. Since people aren’t able to go to his rallies they’re turning to social media and it looks like the people trust what Trump has to say more than the media.

Just the News reports that more than one million viewers participated in each of the campaign’s first two online broadcasts, for coalitions of “Women for Trump Online” and “Latinos for Trump Online.”

The people want to hear what President Trump has to say. The fact that he has well over 65 million more followers than sleepy Uncle Joe Biden should be the only proof we need that Trump is in fact doing much better than the lying media would have us believe.