The Number Of Shootings That Have Happened This Year In De Blasio’s NY Is Horrifying

(Tea Party 247) – There is a mountain of evidence already in existence that proves liberal leadership in major cities is atrocious and has led to the decay many of these metropolises are experiencing. Violent crime always thrives in areas where there is little to no real economic opportunity. And economic opportunity is always stagnated in areas where big government liberal policies have been instituted.

Just in case you weren’t sold on the idea that Democratic leadership is horrible, how about looking at the number of shootings that have occurred in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s neck of the woods, good old NYC.

So far in 2020, there have been over 1,000 shootings. Go ahead and read that number again so it sinks in deep.

Via Breitbart:

The New York Post reports NYPD data indicates there were 1,004 shootings in NYC as of August 30, 2020. There were 537 shootings by that same time in 2019.

Moreover, the data shows “an average of nearly 10 people fell victim to gun violence each day over the last four weeks.”

An unidentified Brooklyn cop reacted to the shootings by telling the Post, “Mr. Mayor, it is time to stop calling New York the safest big city.”

Certainly the statistical evidence alone defeats that assumption.

Breitbart News reported six people were shot, two fatally, in de Blasio’s NYC Tuesday, August 25, 2020, into Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

CBS News reported at least 45 people were shot, five fatally, over the weekend beginning on Friday, August 21, 2020. Those shootings included an incident in park settings frequented by kids.

An innocent bystander was shot and paralyzed in a Brooklyn shooting that occurred in broad daylight Wednesday, August 19, 2020. The bystander, Sam Metcalfe, decided join his wife on a walk to get toothpaste so he could hold the umbrella for her in the rain. Shots rang out as they walked and Metcalfe was hit.

The New York Post quoted Metcalfe’s sister in law, Krista Zigorski, saying, “Almost immediately, [he] couldn’t feel his legs. We now know that the bullet hit his kidney and stopped when it hit his spine.”

That testimony is an echo of one that has sadly been a continues narrative of general lawlessness for New York City all summer long.

With the destruction that continues to be wrought on NYC, Portland, and Kenosha, all of which are led by Democrats, why in the world should we allow this party to control the entire nation from the White House? It’s obvious they do not possess the moral eptitude and proper values to be able to keep America from imploding.

Nor do they likely want to. If this nation implodes, they can replace it with a socialist one, which has been their goal all along, right? We need to resist their plots, and this is done by being informed on the important issues facing our country and voting for individuals to run this baby who understand the importance of upholding American values.