Trump Calls Out “Marxist” Black Lives Matter…He’s Not Backing Down

(Tea Party 247) – For the second time, President Donald Trump has called out Black Lives Matter for the radicals they are.

The group has long come under scrutiny for its openly Marxist stance on destroying capitalism and the nuclear family.

Every virtue-signaling corporation out there is more than happy to add #BlackLivesMatter to their marketing and Democrat politicians unquestionably support the organization, but this doesn’t change the reality of their obviously revolutionary beliefs.

This isn’t a simple peaceful protest movement.

This is an attempt to completely transform our society, and they’re not at all quiet about the fact.

Trump called them “Marxists” while speaking with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Monday.

“Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization,” he said.

“You remember ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.’ That was the first time I ever heard of Black Lives Matter. I said that’s a terrible name, it’s so discriminatory. It’s bad for black people. It’s bad for everybody.”

“People are tired of this stuff, what’s going on,” he also said. “The Black Lives Matter, if you look at what’s going on with the bats and the, a lot of thugs.”