Turkish Drilling Incursion Has Greek Military On High Alert; Check Out What The Top Trend Is Now On Greek Twitter

(Tea Party 247) – While our American news networks are busy hyping up the fear over coronavirus and crafting narratives to divide citizens along racial lines, there’s other big news worthy developments happening all around the world. It’s almost like the world has kept right on spinning despite the COVID-19 crisis. Weird, right?

For example, Greek news sources are now reporting that the country’s military is on “high alert” after Turkish survey ships entered East Mediterranean waters located between Cyprus and Greece. Imagine that? Conflicts are still happening around the globe, even with coronavirus still on the horizon? Seriously?

You bet, cowboy.

Here’s more on what’s happening between Greece and Turkey via Zerohedge:

And Reuters reports that “Greece accused Turkey on Tuesday of attempting to encroach on its continental shelf in a serious escalation of tensions between the two NATO allies at odds over a range of issues.”

For much of the past year European Union leaders have condemned Turkey’s expansive claims to broad swathes of Mediterranean waters around Cyprus and reaching into Greece’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The US State Department is also backing Greece’s condemnation of Turkish encroachment. Meanwhile, the number one trending hashtag in Greek Twitter right now happens to be war.

On Tuesday a US State Department statement demanded that Turkey back down from its drilling plans which are sure to immediately escalation already soaring tensions.

“We urge Turkish authorities to halt any plans for operations and to avoid steps that raise tensions in the region,” the statement said. And Greece’s foreign ministry said it clearly violates the country’s sovereignty and that it stands ready to defend its territory.

This as not for the first time a pair of Turkish F-16s reportedly flew over Greece’s easternmost territory, including the islands of Strongyli and Megisti. Greece’s prime minister also said this week that EU sanctions await Turkey if it moves forward with illegal drilling.

We of all nations can understand the big deal about the sovereignty of a nation. How many times have we had our own sovereignty violated by illegal immigrants disregarding our laws and coming into our country without legal permission. Or attempts by the United Nations to craft orders that would violate our rights to be our own country?

We’ve experienced that sort of thing a lot, but preserved our sovereignty nonetheless.

There have been a number of things popping between these two countries.

  • Turkey’s provocative move to turn the historic Byzantine Hagia Sophia church into a mosque.
  • Continued historic animosity over ethnically-partitioned Cyprus.
  • Turkish claims to all waters surrounding Cyprus.
  • Recent border tensions involving Erdogan sending thousands of Syrians refugees to Greece’s border.
  • Greece’s militarized response along migrant crossing points at the Turkish border.
  • Turkey’s involvement in Libya, which has seen its navy patrols expand into the Mediterranean off the north African coast.

All of this means the region stands of the brink, perhaps more than every before, while the Greek navy prepares to prevent Turkish drilling ships to encroach on its territorial waters.

To underscore where things stand, see this message being widely shared in Greek on social media and via Greek news sources: Greek social media users are urging people to not post photos, videos or information about Greek military movements.

It’s time for us to stop obsessing over coronavirus and start paying attention to the things happening around the world, things that seem like they have no bearing on our lives, but could still have an impact on our nation and its relations with our countries around the world.

Here’s to hoping the news media gets to reporting on real news again.

Source: zerohedge.com/geopolitical/war-top-trend-greek-twitter-military-high-alert-over-turkish-drilling-incursion